Saturday, March 26, 2011

My Mare has a Moustache!

Now, I know this is not a moustache like SOME horses have, but don't you think my mare is growing a moustache?  How adorable!

This is Starlight, registered with the APHA as Cowboy Billy's Badge.  She's around 14 hands with the beefy build and keen brains of a quarter horse (which is basically what she is, with spots).  She is one of those mares that is cooperative, never forgets a lesson and wants to show you how well she can do what you ask, but is also clever and curious with just a little attitude.

I started her under saddle last year, and this is her on the day we cantered for the first time:
She came to me with the registered name of King Arthur's Brandy, which I thought sounded way too Renaissance Fair, plus I object to animals being named after booze.  So I renamed her in honor of her bloodlines, and also in homage to my hubby.  As Cowboy Billy's Badge, she went by "Badger" in the barn.

Now I'll tell you a weird story about this pony and me and her name.  One night, when I was bringing the mares in from the pasture, I called her over by her nickname, Badger.  She came over and I had the distinct feeling that she did not like her name and she wanted me to know it.  So, I asked her, silently, what she wanted to be called, and I clearly heard, as though she put the word in my head, "Starlight."

Starlight it is.  Call me weird.  I don't normally have this type of conversation with my horses, and I also would not normally name a pony "Starlight," but SOMEBODY chose that name!

But back to the moustache.  It's not very long.  She's coming five, so maybe it's just starting to come in?  If you want to see an amazing horse moustache, go to this link.
Now, that guy has heck of an impressive horse moustache!

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