Saturday, March 29, 2014

Twin Tiers Horse Activities, March 29-30, 2014

It's tack auction season!  If you don't want tack, go get yourself on a bull or stop by a clinic.  Lots to do this weekend, so get out there and have fun with your horse.
JP North Used Tack Auction
When: Saturday, Mar 29, 2014
Where: Chittenango, NY, United States (map)
Description: USED TACK SALE AND JP NORTH AUCTION - $10 MARCH 29th - rent a table for $10.00 and sell you used and unwanted tack or horse related items. Promote your farm or business. Sale starts 10 am and runs to end of day. JP North Auction starts at 1 pm. New and bigger hall this year. Town of Sullivan Park & Rec Hall, Chittenango - just off rt 5. To reserve a table call Mike 374-1590.

Pinto Horse Assn. of NYS Tack Auction
When: Saturday, Mar 29, 2014
Where: Camillus, NY, United States (map)
Description: TACK AUCTION PINTO HORSE ASSOCIATION OF NYS TACK AUCTION Saturday, March 29, 2014 @ 10:00am Camillus Elks Lodge 6117 Newport Rd., Camillus NY 13031 
**New Tack, Grooming & Stable Supplies. Provided By: Equine Outfitters
 **Used Tack & Horse Related Equipment consignments wanted! If it is horse related consign it and turn it into cash!
 **Consignments now being accepted and will be thru sale time. To consign your items contact us today or just bring them auction day. All early consignments will be advertised. 
**For Pre-auction consignments or more information call: Calmes Auction CO: 585-315-0815 or Denise Orman: 315-345-7060 (PTHA of NYS Representative) 
**All commissions paid on used tack will be donated to benefit PTHA of NYS 
For more details, listing of early consignments & pictures go to: or auctioneer I.D. #3166 Auction conducted & managed by: Calmes Auction Co. 3864 Downs Rd., Walworth, NY 14568, phone 585-315-0815

Rough Stock Riding School
When: Saturday, Mar 29, 2014
Where: Rush, NY, United States (map)
Description: Backlas & Backlas Rough Stock Riding School! March 28th, 29th & 30th Friday, March 28, 2014 at 6:00pm Stony Brook Farms 

Stasia Newell Horsemanship Clinic AT Cornell's Oxley Arena
When: Sunday, Mar 30, 2014
Where: Cornell Oxley Arena, Ithaca, NY (map)
Description: March 30: 2:30 - 5:30 Stasia Newell Horsemanship Clinic AT Cornell's Oxley Arena. Contact:;

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Bloody and 500 Miles Away

When we get ready for a trip, the amount of work I need to do to get the place ready for a farm sitter is insane.  

All the things my husband and I do daily, and without much thought, have to be translated for someone who has never done them at our barn before.  This was especially true for this new farm sitter, who was helping us during our recent trip to Kentucky.  Even though she has experience with farms and horses, our barn was new to her.  I was determined to make everything as easy as possible for her.  

It took hours, but I was pretty sure I left everything she needed, in obvious (and clearly labeled) locations, and then my husband and I flew to Kentucky...

...which is where we were when this happened:

Received by text from farm sitter.  FREAK OUT!
That's when I realized that a critical piece was missing: A easy-to-find, well-supplied equine first-aid kit.  Did I have wraps, antiseptic ointment, gauze, thermometers?  Well, sure.  But were they in a spot that the farm sitter could find?  Nope.  Those items were spread out all over the place, from the barn cabinets to the house basement, and she could have ordered them all from Valley Vet and had them delivered before she could have found them in their various locations at my place. 

So, 500 miles away and frantic, I relied on the kindness and competence of three key people: Dr. Megan Cox of Elite Equine, her assistant and my long-time friend, Trish Pierce, and farm sitter, Ginger.  

Dr. Cox and Trish arrived at the barn the next day, trimmed and treated the wound and injected Starlight with a slow-release antibiotic, one that would not need to be re-administered until I got home (to prevent requiring Ginger dealing with an injection).  Trish kindly brought her own polos and pillow wraps and Dr. Cox left plenty of gauze.

Ginger gamely unwrapped, changed bandages and rewrapped daily for the next two nights, a duty that went well beyond what either of us had expected when she agreed to farm sit for us (not to mention that she took care of the barn during that quick, nasty March storm that dropped temps to single digits with 35 mph winds with chills at double digits below zero).

When I got home, I got my first in-person look at the wound.  
Oozing blood when I pulled the bandage off.
Dr. Cox said it was in the best possible place for long-term success, being away from a joint, for which I'm grateful.  But I know that lower leg wounds take forever to heal, so we're in for a long recovery.  
The fact that this happened to my most careful horse is disheartening. This is the little mare that tip-toes across the ice while the others are running and bucking.  
Starlight pretty much showed me where the injury occurred.  While I was leading her by the cheek into the barn, we crossed some ice near the hinge of the gate and she pricked her ears, arched her neck and walked very carefully, while keeping her eyes the whole time on that hinge.  My guess is she slid into it in a hurry.  
Purple polo!
She's not one to hurry on ice, so my guess also is that she was driven into hurrying by DeCato, who has newly usurped second-place in the three-mare herd.   DeCato will engage in sudden threats toward Starlight, since this change of order, causing Starlight to scramble out of her way.

I'm not happy that my pasture puff is acting in a way that could (did?) cause my best riding horse to injure herself.  So, I'm going to have to think about that arrangement.

In the meantime, this has arrived at my house, and it is now filled with my formerly scattered first-aid supplies, with more on order to make it complete.  
The bag, not the cat.  The cat has been here for a while.
And let me recommend that, if you don't have your bag of horse first aid supplies gathered, complete and easy-to-find, it's high time you did, because this stuff really does happen, and at the worst times.   

Here's a good article from The Horse that can get you started on your horse first-aid kit. 

Many thanks to Dr. Cox, Trish and Ginger!  I really don't know what I would have done without your help.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Kentucky in March

My husband and I slipped away last week for a mini vacation to Lexington, KY, the "horse capital of the world," to see the Kentucky Horse Park and watch the 2014 Road to the Horse.
This is how all of Lexington looks.
This annual, horse-starting event features "natural horsemanship" trainers using a shockingly short amount of time to train some young, nicely-bred quarter horse geldings in a competition taking place over a few days in the Alltech Arena.   In addition to the main competition-- this year including trainers from Canada, Switzerland and Australia -- the event included a "wild card" competition that allowed lesser known trainers to vie for a chance to join the main competition.
Hubby scratches a deserving butt at the Horse Park.

In short, this event included a whole lot of horse, and I liked it.  

I'm not saying that every horse should be able to perform walk-trot-canter and succeed in a totally scary obstacle course after roughly three hours of training over three days, but to see what the trainers could accomplish in that amount of time was amazing. 

Lexington presented us with two, sunny spring days and three, icy winter days, so I can't say the weather there did much for us, but on the other hand, we did miss the
I was looking forward to seeing this sculpture. Grand!
-25 wind chills that hit the Twin Tiers at the the same time.

And I brought home a renewed enthusiasm in training my perpetual greenies. Enthusiasm has been hard to garner this year, with winter constantly beating on us arena-less horse owners, so finding a little of it again feels good.
Out for a ride on our rocking saddlebreds.

Sampling local cuisine: Hot Brown.  Know what Welsh rarebit is?  This is like that, with meat.

The festivities at Road to the Horse

Those freaking things scare ME.  Sean Patrick and Joker.

Weird moving blur of a horse

Trainer Antoine Cloux working in the round pen

Trainer Jonathon Field performs in a clinic.

The 4 Sixes remuda.
The final obstacle course with the winners, James Anderson and Smokey.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Twin Tiers Horse Activties, March 22-23, 2014

We have several interesting activities this Spring weekend.  Yes, it really is now officially Spring, so will someone please tell the weather?

I recommend you get out there and have fun with your horse!

Ann Guptill Musical Freestyle Clinic
When:  Mar 22-23, 2014
Where: Moravia, NY, United States (map)
Description: Ann Guptill Musical Freestyle Clinic March 22-23:
Brookside Farm 4198 Drydan Road, Moravia, NY

Ann Guptill is a professional dressage rider, trainer and instructor with her home base of operation at Fox Ledge Farm. Ann competes a variety of breeds and types of horses in dressage. Her career highlights include placing 5th individually at the 1987 Pan American Games and helping secure the Team Silver Medal. In 1992 she competed in the final Dressage Selection Trials for the Olympic Games. In 1991 and 1992 she placed 4th at the US League Finals for the Dressage World Cup.  

Ann is a US Dressage Federation Certified Instructor and serves as a faculty member for USDF Instructor Certification, conducting workshops throughout the US. As a committee member of the USDF, Ann has served as chair of the Certified Instructors Committee, the Test Writing Committee, and currently is chair of the Musical Freestyle Committee. She is also an "A" graduate of the US Pony Club, and has mentored many young riders in their progress through the Pony Club ratings.

Ann is best known for her partnership with Maple Magnum, her partner for the 1987 Pan American Games. The pair was on the United States Equestrian Team Training and Long Lists consistently from 1988 to 1993.

Price for riding participants will be $160 per day or $300 for both days. Whether you plan to ride one or both days you need to attend the lecture part of the clinic on the first day. If you have music that you think will work for you and your horse bring it with you.  If a participant requests a video preview prior to the clinic, they must contact Ann directly and pay a separate fee for that service. If a participant would like Ann to work with them after the clinic to develop a freestyle, she will give a 10% discount.

Auditing will be $15/day for nonmembers of the club, and free for club members. Please use the application form available in our newsletter or website. Send application and check made out to CDCT to: Dinah Guarino, 4250 Duryea St., Moravia, NY. 13118. Applicants should include their email address so the schedule can be sent when it is developed. For more information, contact Dinah Guarino at or 315-702-3973. Sponsored by the Cayuga Dressage and Combined Training Club.

Call For Volunteers: Reins of Hope
When:  Saturday, Mar 22, 2014
Where: Big Flats Community Center, Maple Street, Big Flats, NY, United States (map)
Description: Another sure sign of Spring other than robins is the annual call for volunteers for Reins of Hope. We will be having a training day on Saturday, March 22 at the Big Flats Community Center, 476 Maple St., Big Flats. Registration will begin at 9am with a program to follow until noon. We will then have a light lunch. As usual, we are in need of volunteers – either with or without horse experience and 16 yrs. or older. We do consider volunteers that are 15 or so if they prove to be mature enough for the program. So even if you are not available please pass on this information to any friends, coworkers, neighbors, relatives or strangers on the street .... well, you know.

Please either reply to or call 607-732-3653 to register for the training so we have an idea how many are coming. We can take care of the required training during the program if anyone is interested in volunteering but unable to make the training day.

Tack Sale to Benefit 4H
When:  Saturday, Mar 22, 2014
Where: Elbridge, NY, United States (map)
Description: Tack Sale to benefit 4-H - $1 (Elbridge) © craigslist - Map data © OpenStreetMap (google map) (yahoo map) Blazing Stars 4-H Club Tack Sale Saturday, March 22, 2014 10am- 1pm At Big Rock Stable 4876 Vinegar Hill Road Elbridge, NY 13060

Consignments taken 3/21 3- 7pm & 3/22 8am-9am 15% Consignment fee on items or buy a table space for only $25 For more info: All proceeds to benefit the Blazing Stars 4-H club

Directions from Rt 321: Turn North onto Stump Rd. Turn Right onto Vinegar Hill Road at the first stop sign. Farm is at the bottom of the hill, on right. Look for yellow barn. Directions from Rt 5: Turn South onto South St at the light in Elbridge. South St turns into Vinegar Hill Rd. Follow 2 miles farm is on Left. Look for yellow barn.

PCRA Rodeo
When:  Sunday, Mar 23, 2014
Where: Rush, NY, United States (map)
Description:PCRA Rodeo! February 23rd. Rush NY. Sunday, February 23, 2014 at 1:00pm Stony Brook Stables.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Twin Tiers Horse Activities, March 15-16, 2014

OK, sure, we just got hammered with one of the nastiest storms of the winter.  But wait! There are definite signs of spring in the Twin Tiers, including more and more weekend horse activities and the start of the USED TACK SALES!

Get out there and have fun with your pony (before the next snow storm)!

Gaming Clinic With Richie Fisher, Columbia Crossroads
When:  Saturday, Mar 15, 2014
Where:  Columbia Cross Roads, PA, United States (map)
Description:  Gaming Clinic With Richie Fisher Barrels, Pole, Keyhole
From beginners to advanced riders. Come out for a great time, and to get your horse tuned up for the 2014 season. Learn what you and your horse need to know to make that winning run. Spectators welcome. When:  : March 15 Time: 9:00 - ? (lunch will be provided) Where: Samantha Kelley's indoor arena, Columbia Cross RDs, PA Cost: $75/rider

Michelle LaBarre Dressage Clinic
When:  Mar 15- 16, 2014
Where:  Honeoye Falls, NY, United States (map)
Description:  March 15, 16 Saturday, Sunday Michelle LaBarre Dressage Clinic - Black Points Farm, Honeoye Falls, NY. For info about Michelle, go to her website. To ride in the clinic, contact Mary Delton. Auditors welcome.

Osburn Arena Sorting, Roping, Barrels
When:  Saturday, Mar 15, 2014
Where:  Campbell, NY, United States (map)
Description:  Osburn Arena Sorting, Roping, Barrels Located in Campbell, NY just 3.5 miles off I-86, OSBURN ARENA hosts team roping, barrel racing and ranch sorting events. 607-368-9896

Used Tack Sale 4-H Equine Council for Tioga County 4-H Club
When:  Saturday, Mar 15, 2014
Where:  Wellsboro, pa (map)
Description:  Saturday, March 15, 2014 Tack Sale 11:30am W.M Tokishi Training Center NYPUM Drive Wellsboro Pa Doors Open at 11:30am for used tack items. 

New tack auction begins at 3:00 pm. Tables available to sell your used tack for $15.00 We would also like to offer our local independant consultants to rent tables, Pampered Chef and Tastefully Simple will be available. Local business's are welcome to rent tables.

Rockwell Feeds and Second Star Equine Massage will be on hand. 

If you would like to reserve a table please contact Shelia Holleran at or 5704390677. 

Food will be availabe during the day. Hot Dogs, Sloppy Joe, Mac and Cheese, Baked Beans, Potato Salad, Drinks, Desserts and More!!! Tim Kaltenbach Sr and Family, Professional Auction Service Licensed & Bonded AU-003835-L All proceeds go to 4-H Equine Council for Tioga County We will be accepting Cash or Check Only, No Credit Cards Please **Please check back frequently for updates** 

PCRA Rodeo
When:  Sunday, Mar 16, 2014
Where:  Rush, NY, United States (map)
Description:  PCRA Rodeo! Rush NY. Sunday, Stony Brook Stables
PCRA Event.
Date: March 16th.
Starting Time: 1:00 pm.
Admission-$10 at the gate. Kids 12 and under $5.
Location: Stony Brook Stables. Rush NY.
Contractor: Cross Over the Line Rodeo Co.
Events include--Bull Riding. Jr and Ladies Bull Riding. Cowgirls Barrel Racing. Break Away Pen Roping. Chute Dogging. Jr and Ladies Goat Tying. Team Sorting. Team Penning.
Bull riders must call in to enter! Books open from Monday thru Friday Night at 8:00 pm. Prior to event!
PCRA call in number (716) 525-6011.