Thursday, May 31, 2012

Twin Tiers Horse Activities, June 2 - 5, 2012

The first weekend in June brings us all kinds of great horse activities.  You can bet Starlight and I will be at one of these events this weekend.  

Whatever YOU do, have fun with your horse!

June 1-2: USEF/USDF Recognized Dressage Show I & II Houghton College Equestrian Center, Houghton, NY. Contact Jo-Anne Young at (585) 567-8142 or

June 2 Twin Tiers Classic Horse Show; Chemung County Fairgrounds. Open horse show series (four shows total), sponsored by the Chemung County Agricultural Society. Objective: FUN and Rewarding! Divisions include Halter, Beginner WT; Youth and Adult English and Western, Hunter classes. June 2 & Aug. 18: High Points and Reserve; Sept 1-2 Overall weekends awards and futurity.

June 2 Twin Tiers Trail Riders: Linda Hendricks ride at her house, Van Etten, NY. There will be a dish-to-pass dinner with meat and soft drinks provided by the club. Contact Linda at 607-342-3534 or
June 2: Gentle Dove Farm Demonstration: NYS 4-H Youth Development Horse Program In-Service Training at Cornell University, Presented by Joann Long, National Mounted Police and Toronto Police Services Certified. More information coming soon! Check at You can also contact Joann at (585) 738-7477 or

June 2-3 Troy Area Horsemens Association Shows, Alparon Park, Troy, PA. Gaming Show on Saturday (sign ups at noon, show starts at 2); Pleasure Show on Saturday, starting at 8 a.m.

June 2-5: Kathleen Lindley Horsemanship Clinic at La Belle Vie Farm, Parrish Street Ext, Canandaigua, NY. For more information, download a clinic flyer.

June 3 Corner Haven Farm Horse Show. Show all day for one price; 125’x 250’outdoor ring, 80’x 158’ indoor ring; great footing, easy in/out parking; professionally designed jumps and courses; no hassle w/adding and dropping classes; all classes open to all riders/horses See for program; 607.387.9557; 6302 Curry Rd, Trumansburg NY

June 3: Carol Koslowski Cross Country Clinic, Contact Cathy Barron at 607.280.8825, or cathybarron87@yahoo.comJune 3: Spring Show, Tanglewood Farm, Jamesville

June 3 Twin Tiers Trail Riders: Danby Forest – Contact Crystal Chaffin at 607-227-1020 or
June 3: 26th Annual Northampton Driving Society Show; Call Laurie Neubauer at (585) 352-1410

June 3: National Barrel Horse Association, Crystal Valley Saddle Club Corning, NY.

JUNE 3 CHEMUNG CO. 4-H SPONSORED OPEN HORSE SHOW; Chemung County Fairgrounds, Horseheads, NY CONTACT: Bernadette Raupers, 425 Pennsylvania Ave., NY 14904 (607) 734-4453 E-mail:

June 5: Foxtale Farm “After School Delight,” dressage show, Horseheads, NY. 4 p.m. until dusk. Entries deadline: May 26. All Foxtale Farm shows can be entered through their facebook page 607-215-5594, 607-215-5594 or email

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Week's Work

This week I rode both Hudson and Starlight each evening.  Starlight is in training, so our rides involve work.  I'm using a flattish spot in our hay field as an arena, and during our latest ride, I ran her through some of the circles and other movements that we practiced in the dressage clinic with Fred Kappler, last weekend.  

She is a super smart pony, and I could tell she recognized the work.  She also gave me incredibly good canter departs, letting me know that she has learned the cues we practiced in the clinic and on previous rides around our property.   

'Nuff said.
Now Hudson, on the other hand, I'm just riding to try to get some fat off of her.  A half-draft, half-paint, she is doomed by her genetics to be a big fat mama.  And now that the pastures are officially open, she is not wasting any time in stuffing her face with as much grass as possible.   I'm considering a grazing muzzle or separate pasturing for her, and also am taking her up and down hills to burn some calories. 

Yesterday, though, they both got a day off.  I rode for seven hours, but on a tractor, not a horse.  I spent the pretty day brush-hogging the field at the top of our property.  It was a long, dusty day, but it needed doing, as it was starting to get brushy, with little trees and berry bushes and weeds taking over.   I'm not sure what I want to do with that field (hay, pasture, cross country course...) but I know I want it to remain a field in any case, and not a shrubby weedy area that used to be a field. 

Both mares will have their rides today.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Twin Tiers Horse Events for Memorial Day Weekend, 2012

So much to do with your horse this holiday weekend!  

What will you choose?  What will I choose, for that matter?  Whatever it is, have a great time with your ponies!

May 26-27: Empire State Quarter Horse Association/NYS Horse Breeders (Pointing TBR); NYS Fair Grounds, Syracuse, NY; Secretary: Tari Weston, 315-695-1332; E-mail:; 

May 24-27: NYS Breeders Horse Show - Section 2. NYS Fairgrounds, Syracuse. Visit Web Site Email
May 25 – May 28: Twin Tiers Trail Riders: Susquehannock State Forest, Potter County, PA You must contact Jeanne Root to be included on the camping permit 570-596-3653 or If you plan on a day ride, just give a call to let us know to watch for you to show up. Parking is planned to be at the Twelve Mile Gas Well Head #1 but double check with Jeanne before the ride. With the new rules in effect, we may have more people then allowed at this site.
May 26 Twin Tiers Trail Riders: – Sugar Hill-ride to Monterey Jack’s for lunch, bring cash for lunch or just bring a saddlebag lunch. You can eat at the close-by picnic area., JoAnn Schwab 607-739-2554 or
May 26 : Dressage & CT Schooling Show Series; - LaBarre/Green Acres Beaumont, PA; Contact: Cala Dearborn;; Click for Prizelist; Click for Entry
May 26: GVPC Spring Horse Trials (Intro, Beginner Novice and Novice levels) at Wheeler Green, Geneseo, NY. Entry form is available on
May 26- 27- Memorial weekend at Pure Country Campground: 176 Kelly Rd. New Berlin, NY, all camping 1/2 price. Dish to pass Sat. night. Sunday is a Timed Trail Pace 10 am. Payback., facebook too, like us! Call 607-847-9265, 607-847-6139
May 27: Bath Trailblazers Open Show, Bath NY Fairgrounds
May 28 Twin Tiers Trail Riders: Trail ride to benefit ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease). Ruth & Ron Luchsinger's farm south of DeRuyter, N.Y. 315-852-9866. $25.00 donation, food available for purchase, 8 mile scenic views ride, camping available also
May 28 Twin Tiers Trail Riders: - Elmira, N.Y., Elmira Heights, N.Y. and Horseheads, N.Y. Memorial Day Parades. contact JoAnn Schwab 607-739-2554 or for info.
May 30-June 6: CNY Reining Horse Assoc Ride and Slide: Four days of exciting and quality NRHA Reining events. Two full slates of NRHA classes with a Saturday night special event to include freestyle - start time 6:00pm. Portion of Saturday evening event proceeds to benefit the Golisano Children's Hospital. Website Visit Web Site Email

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Auditing Leslie Law

I had the great pleasure of walking out on the Stuart Horse Trials cross-country course today to watch eventer and Olympian Leslie Law coach local riders over coops, drops, water obstacles and the dreaded coffin.
Leslie Law watches a rider from a new  jump.
The sprawling course provided an ideal setting for the eventing clinic, and many riders found success under the guidance of Law, who won the individual gold medal for Britain in the 2004 Olympics.

My friend Trish Pierce and I perched nearby, with other auditors, through two sessions, in which riders took their horses over increasingly difficult obstacles, ending their work by splashing through the water obstacle and up over jumps on either bank.

Holly Barrett urges Tenacious G (Gryphon) over the water obstacle
Some of the riders also took the opportunity to jump straight into the water, an act that looked to be completely stomach-dropping as the horses leapt over a log on the bank and down into the drink.

It was a good way to spend a beautiful morning, and it left me hoping that one of these years I'll be riding a horse on those grounds.

Riders show the horses the water before working through it.

A look at the course.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Success at the Clinic

Starlight and I had a fun ride with Fred Kappler today at Lane Cove Dressage in Greene, NY.  We emerged not at all horrified and demoralized, as I feared, but instead, I was very pleased and she was her usual willing and steady self.  

Still standing after our ride.  Photo by Trish Pierce
For Starlight, it was her first dressage lesson, doing 10- and 20-meter circles, serpentines, quarter turns and the like.  It was positively the hardest she and I have worked ever during a single ride together.   

I was amazed, once again, by this pony’s cooperative personality and game demeanor.  She’s such a rock star and she received many compliments from Fred and from my friend Trish Pierce, of Foxwin Farm, who joined us on the journey and was very helpful as a groom, photographer, companion and pony complimenter.

Starlight and I were quite bad at the canter, but we did get it going both ways.  We’ll work on that. 

Fred was a kind and perceptive clinician, giving us the type of work we needed to knock the rust off of me and get Starlight using her body in a new, better way.   

Now I’m yawning and she’s dozing.  Two sleepy critters, content with a good day’s work.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Suddenly, A Clinic

If you were bored enough today to follow me around, you might find me doing things I almost never do.

This, for instance:

And this:

The reason for this abnormal activity, which included the highly unusual action of cleaning the seams of my tack with saddle soap and a hoof brush, is because Starlight and I decided at the last minute to go to Fred Kappler’s clinic tomorrow at Lane Cove Dressage in Greene, NY.  Well, at least I decided.  She might not know yet.   

We’re riding at 2.

Why I am taking a clinic with a horse who has never cantered in an arena, I’m not sure. 

But, to her credit, she did give me nice canters each way up in the grass ring at the top of our property today.  I think it might have been the first time I asked for a canter depart without actually saying “canter.”  To the right, it was a “By Jove, she’s got it!” moment.  To the left, it was a “By Jove, she’s got it!  Wah-oh!  Arrrgh!” moment, as we careened off the path and she jumped a pricker bush and then a row of pricker bushes.

Well there you go.  I knew she would be a great eventing horse!  Here she is, picking out natural obstacles to jump, and making lightning quick decisions, all on her own, without the need for any input whatsoever from her rider.  Nevermind that it completely surprised me.  That’s no problem.  I happened to be experienced in the “horse abruptly jumps a pricker bush” category.

So, my intrepid, bolting, jumping pony and I are heading off on a road trip tomorrow and into the great unknown.  It will be the first time a professional has a look at us together, so I’m very curious as to what will come of it.

If I’m not totally horrified and demoralized by this time tomorrow, I’ll give you an update.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Bowl Cut, Pony Version

I decided I better get Starlight looking more like a show pony and less like a wild pony, so I shortened her mane.  

Notice I didn't say that I "pulled" her mane, because I hate pulling manes almost as much as most horses hate having them pulled. 

Before: Shaggy plain Jane.
I usually start out with a blunt cut and then fuss with it until it looks like I pulled it.  This "after" photo just shows the blunt cut, and also what a cutie she is! 

After -- Showing off her pretty neck

Completely creepy thing she did in between.  I think she might be an alien of some sort.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Twin Tiers Horse Events, May 17 - 23, 2012

What a line up we have this week!  My gosh -- I don't know where to start.  Two hunter paces, clinics galores, including the first driving clinics and shows we have seen pop up this year.  We've got dressage tests, trail competitions, Western games...Wowza!  

Have fun with your horse this weekend.  It's supposed to be a beauty.

May 17-20: NYS Breeders Horse Show – Section 1. NYS Fairgrounds, Syracuse. Visit Web Site Email
May 19: Big Loop Hunter Pace: 9:00 AM – 12:30 PM; 640 Artline Rd Eldred, PA 16731 RAIN OR SHINE!

May 19: Seminar: Your Horse and the Law, sponsored by Painted Bar Stables –fully catered 3 part seminar on equine liability and insurance. Understanding the laws and liabilities associated with horses is not only important for equine businesses, but also for any horse owner. This seminar will be designed to help the everyday horse owner understand the laws, liabilities and customs that impact them and their horse. Where: Watkins Glen Community Center, Watkins Glen, NY Cost: $55.00 for adults; $25 for attendees younger than 18; $35.00 for advertising or retail table; Speakers: Jonathan Schopf, Esq., The Animal Attorney; Kevin Kosach, Horse and Farm Insurance, CCI; Kristen Berdar or Kevin McGrath, BST Financial & Management Consultants; What: 3 Part Seminar, Breakout Discussion Groups, Full Catered Lunch, Prizes and Giveaways, Tables with information and sales by Local Businesses and Tack Stores; Register Online

May 19: Chestnut Ridge Spring Combined Test, Schooling Dressage Show, and Jumper Classes, Gasport, NY. For more information, contact Sue Williams at (716) 772-2707/2957 or For prize list and entry forms, go to

May 19 - Game Show Clinic Way-Ont Saddle Club: 1pm – 4pm $10 Charge; Way-On Saddle Club; 5763 Clark Road, Newark, NY 14513

May 19 Twin Tiers Trail Riders: Connecticut Hill Ride – Parking at Old Archery Grounds off Carter Creek Road. Contact JoAnn Schwab 607-739-2554 or

May 19: Foxtale Farm “Strut into Spring” dressage show, Horseheads, NY. Entries deadline: May 12. All Foxtale Farm shows can be entered through their facebook page, 607-215-5594, or email

May 19-20: Fred Kappler Clinic -- Lane Cove Dressage will be hosting Fred Kappler for his "Basics & Beyond" clinic on May 19th & 20th. Fred is a very supportive and understanding instructor that works with riders from various riding levels and disciplines. Sessions are currently available from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. on Saturday & Sunday. On Saturday we will host a potluck dinner with Fred at 6 p.m. Everyone is welcome to attend. Rides are $135 for a 45-60 minute session. A non-refundable full deposit is due to secure each ride. Auditor fees are $15 per day or two days for $25. Overnight stabling is available for $10 per stall. Fred's clinics are always an informative learning experience for any rider. Check out Centaur Rising for more information on what it is like riding in a clinic with Fred: To sign up for the clinic:

May 19-20 Troy Area Horsemens Association Shows, Alparon Park, Troy, PA. Gaming Show on Saturday (sign ups at noon, show starts at 2); Pleasure Show on Saturday, starting at 8 a.m.

May 19-20: Susquehanna Valley Whips and Wheels Spring Driving Clinic: Robin Groves will conduct a two day clinic at the Hughesville Fairgrounds. The two day clinic will be devoted to driving which will cover various topics of horsemanship. Robin is from Brownsville, Vermont. She and her husband Wilson own and operate R & W Horsedrawn Services, a training and teaching facility for drivers, riders and all manner of horses. Robin and Wilson compete in combined driving, carriage pleasure shows and competitive trail drives, up to 100 miles. Danny A. Harter at or call 814-383-4310.

May 20: Trail Competition,  Callie Winds Stables 929 Hornby Road, Beaver Dams, NY Sign-up at 9 a.m.; Walk-through at 10 am.  Fees: Junior (to 15): $5. Novice: $8; Open (payback): $20; Contact Danielle Hendrick 607 769-6967; Christina Wilson 607 382-9418

May 20: Competitive Trail Ride Clinic at Newell Farm, 7 a.m., Burdett, NY Led by Stasia Newell, Dr. Ann Chaffee and Dr. Pam Karner: Preparing and conditioning your horse for the ride; Setting up camp; What to expect at the ride; How to present your horse to the vet; Keeping your horse safe on the ride; Pacing your ride; 7:00am Registration; 8:00am Clinic Starts; 12:00noon Lunch; 1:30am guided rides begin; Limited Space Available! Price $75 for Horse and Rider. Price includes 4 semi private clinic sessions and "Get a Start in Competitive Trail Riding" DVD.  $25 for Auditor (bring a chair!); Price includes Auditing; Lunch; DVD is additional $10.

May 20 Corner Haven Farm Horse Show. Show all day for one price; 125’x 250’outdoor ring, 80’x 158’ indoor ring; great footing, easy in/out parking; professionally designed jumps and courses; no hassle w/adding and dropping classes; all classes open to all riders/horses See for program; 607.387.9557; 6302 Curry Rd, Trumansburg NY

May 20: Irish Draught Horse Society of North America Hunter Pace 10 am to 2 pm at Batzing Farms, 3932 Batzing Road, Caledonia, NY

May 20, Twin Tiers Trail Riders: Howland Island, contact Terri Stuck 315-549-2531 or or Linda Mott at

May 20: Introduction to Reining, Bill Hamilton Instructor, details to be announced Carriage House Arena (607) 387-3422. 25 WATERBURG ROAD, TRUMANSBURG, NY 14886

May 20: Kateland Driving Show; Call Ted Jenney at (585) 638-5700

May 20: Lake Country Horsemens Association LCHA Funtime Pointed Shows; Interlaken, NY 9 am Check us out on Facebook! LakeCountry Horsemens;

May 22 – 23: Leslie Law Clinic: Where: Wehle Farms and Stuart Horse Trials Grounds; Levels offered: Novice through Advanced. Tuesday is at Wehle Farms: Dressage and Show Jumping; 2259 Scottsville Road, Scottsville, NY Get Google Map; Wednesday is at At SHT Grounds: Cross-country. Cost: $185'; Stabling available. Opening day for the clinic is March 1st. Contact: Carrie Wehle -;

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Finally Making Plans

It’s high time for me to pick my horse competitions for the year.  While many Twin Tiers horse people have already started showing and gaming, I, as usual, am poking along as though the long days and sunny skies last all year.  But they don’t.  So I better get my tail in gear.

The, the noble show pony
Starlight will be my show horse this year.   I’m looking at a June competition and I need it to be on the flat, since she is still so green to the basics.  So, a dressage show and non-jumping English show classes are definitely on the horizon.  At the end of the summer, a short hunter pace or some cross-country schooling to get her over jumps in a fun way.  And at least one cow-related activity, to see what she makes of it.

Looking over the Big Calendar, here’s what I’m seeing, at least as possibilities.

Good one to get us started:

One or the other of the following.  I'd rather do the schooling show but Sunday shows are so much easier to prepare for:
June 16: Cayuga Dressage and Combined Training Club (CDCT) Schooling School at Chemung County Fairgrounds, Horseheads, NY.
June 17: Cayuga Dressage and Combined Training Club (CDCT) Recognized Dressage Show at Chemung County Fairgrounds, Horseheads, NY.

June 30-July 1: Mary Mudge Memorial Show, Chemung County Fairgrounds, Horseheads, NY Contact: Eva Mudge 89 Kiser Rd. Horseheads, NY 14845 (607) 739-9520

Got to do this one.  Where else can I find classes exclusively for pinto ponies?
July 7 & 8: Empire State Paint Club Show: Paint/Pinto Paint-O-Rama; Chemung County Fairgrounds, Horseheads, NY.

July 17-22 Mark Twin/Chemung County Classic; Chemung County Fairgrounds, Horseheads, NY Contact: Naomi Blumenthal, 8125 Verbeck Dr., Manlius, NY 13104 (315) 436-1933 E-mail:

This one will be for Hudson, listed as a maybe:
July 23: Draft Horse Show, Alparon Park, Troy, PA
Maybe, to try sorting:
July 28-29 - Cowboy Weekend, to be announced, Sunday is game show and possible team sorting. (TBA); 176 Kelly Rd. New Berlin, NY 13411., 607-847-9265 

Love fair horse shows, for some reason!
Aug. 4 - 5: Chemung County Fair Horseshows. Chemung County Fairgrounds, Horseheads, NY CONTACT: Laurie Baker, (607) 738-0695, April Halm (607) 425-1382 E-mail:,

Aug. 18: Twin Tiers Classic Horse Show; Chemung County Fairgrounds. Open horse show series (four shows total), sponsored by the Chemung County Agricultural Society. Objective: FUN and Rewarding! Divisions include Halter, Beginner WT; Youth and Adult English and Western, Hunter classes. 

This is an extreme Stretch Goal:
Aug. 25-26: GVRDC USEA recognized Horse Trials, Geneseo, NY. Levels are Intro, Beginner Novice, Novice, Training and Preliminary. Contact Wezo Pierson at (585) 509-5691 or

Ditto the pinto pony classes:
Sept 15: Empire State Paint Club Show: Paint-O-Rama; Chemung County Fairgrounds, Horseheads, NY.

Got to have at least one hunter pace!
September 22 Big Loop Hunter Pace: 9:00 AM - 12:30 PM; 640 Artline Rd Eldred, PA 16731 RAIN OR SHINE!

A nice, late season show:
October 7: Foxtale Farm “Halloween Harvest,” dressage show with a side of jumping, Horseheads, NY. Entries close Sept. 29. Entries deadline: August 6. All Foxtale Farm shows can be entered through their facebook page, 607-215-5594, 607-215-5594 or email

It's an ambitious line-up, and if I make it to half of the above, I'll be pleased as punch come winter.