Thursday, May 17, 2012

Bowl Cut, Pony Version

I decided I better get Starlight looking more like a show pony and less like a wild pony, so I shortened her mane.  

Notice I didn't say that I "pulled" her mane, because I hate pulling manes almost as much as most horses hate having them pulled. 

Before: Shaggy plain Jane.
I usually start out with a blunt cut and then fuss with it until it looks like I pulled it.  This "after" photo just shows the blunt cut, and also what a cutie she is! 

After -- Showing off her pretty neck

Completely creepy thing she did in between.  I think she might be an alien of some sort.


  1. We always get a shock after using the scissors on Jay's mane and have to do some mega tweaking to make it look presentable! Starlight looks great and yes, that neck things is a bit freaky.

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