Thursday, May 3, 2012

Wild Storm; Wet Ponies

By the time I decided I wanted to bring them in, it was too late.  The storm roared over us, thunder and lightning and heavy rain.  

DeCato, undaunted by the foul weather.
I watched anxiously through the window.  Hudson and Stormkite must have hustled into the paddock when it started.  During the worst of it, they stood side by side, backs to the wind, heads low, stoic and still.  The other three grazed as calmly as if it were a sunny afternoon.

Starlight, managing to be both shiny and muddy.

One big flash and crack sent them all scattering, but they quickly went back to the grass.

Here are some shots of the wet ponies, after the rain. 

Stormkite pushes the boundary as the storms heads east

Hudson, looking more scraggly than queenly.
Weird picture of wet Dee

Glad to see it blow away.


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