Sunday, May 6, 2012

ALMOST Back in the Tack

Today was the first day I went around without a brace or Ace bandage on my knee, and it feels pretty good.   

I'll be riding again this week, which should take my brain out of the doldrums and start it back to whirring about horse matters, thoughts, concerns, observations, frustrations, which I will then blather out in this blog.

But for now, during my last couple of days of my being grounded, here are a couple of photos.
Having felled Dee, DeCato turns her redheaded mare fury on little brother, Stormkite...

Actually, Dee is just fine, and looking sporty in her new haircut (in prep for her going to the trainer).


  1. Glad to hear you're moving around better and soon will be back in action!

  2. Feels good doesn't it? I couldn't wait to get my walking cast and get back on my pony. I was a real grump for those 4 weeks no weightbearing on crutches. Now I am cast free and doing my 1st lesson in over 9 weeks this coming saturday.