Saturday, May 19, 2012

Suddenly, A Clinic

If you were bored enough today to follow me around, you might find me doing things I almost never do.

This, for instance:

And this:

The reason for this abnormal activity, which included the highly unusual action of cleaning the seams of my tack with saddle soap and a hoof brush, is because Starlight and I decided at the last minute to go to Fred Kappler’s clinic tomorrow at Lane Cove Dressage in Greene, NY.  Well, at least I decided.  She might not know yet.   

We’re riding at 2.

Why I am taking a clinic with a horse who has never cantered in an arena, I’m not sure. 

But, to her credit, she did give me nice canters each way up in the grass ring at the top of our property today.  I think it might have been the first time I asked for a canter depart without actually saying “canter.”  To the right, it was a “By Jove, she’s got it!” moment.  To the left, it was a “By Jove, she’s got it!  Wah-oh!  Arrrgh!” moment, as we careened off the path and she jumped a pricker bush and then a row of pricker bushes.

Well there you go.  I knew she would be a great eventing horse!  Here she is, picking out natural obstacles to jump, and making lightning quick decisions, all on her own, without the need for any input whatsoever from her rider.  Nevermind that it completely surprised me.  That’s no problem.  I happened to be experienced in the “horse abruptly jumps a pricker bush” category.

So, my intrepid, bolting, jumping pony and I are heading off on a road trip tomorrow and into the great unknown.  It will be the first time a professional has a look at us together, so I’m very curious as to what will come of it.

If I’m not totally horrified and demoralized by this time tomorrow, I’ll give you an update.

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