Friday, May 31, 2013

What Are You Waiting For?

"Are you just going to stand there with that camera or are we going for a ride?"

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Twin Tiers Horse Activities, May 30 - June 3, 2013

Lots to do this weekend! Clinics, shows, reining, a very interesting horse sale.  Whatever you do, make it a good time with your pony!

Jump Into Spring Clinic with Margaret Kit
When: May 30 - June 2, 2013
Where:  Hornell (map)
Description:  Windsong Equestrian Center "Jump into Spring" Clinic with Margaret Kitts, Hornell, NY. For more information, download a flyer
Ride and Slide, CNY Reining
When:  May 30 - June 3, 2013
Where:  Syracuse (map)
Description:  CNY Reining Horse Assoc. "Ride and Slide" Four days of Reining Excitement! Top competitors from the East coast compete for over $25,000 in prize money.

Open Dressage Show (USEF/USDF Recognized)
When:   May 31, 2013
Where:   Lycoming County Fairgrounds, Hughesville, PA. (map)
Description:  May 31st: Open Dressage Show (USEF/USDF Recognized. At Lycoming County Fairgrounds, Hughesville, PA. Intro- 4th Level, as well as three Rider Tests. Manager and Secretary: Pat McQuiston,

Twin Tiers Classic Open Show Series
When:   Jun 1 - 2 2013
Where:  Chemung County Fairgrounds (map)
Description:   Laurie Baker (627)738-0695 April Halm (607) 425-1382

Distance Riding 101 Clinic by Big Loop
When:   Jun 1-2, 2013
Where:  Eldred PA (map)
Description:  Big Loop will be hosting a Distance Riding 101 Clinic June 1-2. A great opportunity to learn more about the sport of distance riding with experienced clinicians. This clinic will be geared toward introducing you to the sport of distance riding through a hands-on approach. Saturday will include a rotation through interactive workshops and Sunday will include a 10-12 mile guided ride. Presenters are Dr. Pam Karner and Patti Stedman. Topics will include an in depth look at how to prepare the horse & rider team, how the competitions work and how to have not only success – but FUN! Registration and info are now posted on the site

Dressage Schooling Show, Brookfield Riding & Driving Association
When:   Jun 1 -2  2013
Where:  Brookfield, NY (map)
Description:  Brookfield Riding & Driving Association .us Dressage Schooling Show Madison County Fairgrounds 1968 Fairground Road Brookfield, NY 13314 Saturday, June 1, 2013 Entries Open: May 10, 2013 Entries Close: (must be received by): May 25, 2013 Judge: Mitzi Summers Class List · You may perform the same test more than once. · You may pick up your test as soon as it’s scored. · This is a relaxed, STRESS-FREE and FUN show! FEES: $10 per test; post entry $12 per test, space allowing. No entry fee refund after closing date. $5 office fee Stalls available: $10 per day (horse or tack) $25 camping fee United States Dressage Federation Tests: Western Dressage Association of America Tests: Contact: Contact: Karen Nowak @ or 315-520-9204 for more information.

Pinto Horse Assn of NYS June Show
When:   Jun 1 - 2 2013
Where:  Syracuse (map)
Description:  June All-Pinto Show June 1st and 2nd, 2013 Syracuse, New York 4H Arenas Judges: Gary Miller(MO), Kathy Miller (MO), Kathryn Kope (FL), Steven Shank (NY) 2013 June Show Program 2103 June Show Pre-Entry Form Complete the form. You may either print & mail your entry. Mail entry to: Martha Procopio, 6396 Newport Rd,, Warners, N.Y. 13164 OR save it to you desktop and email it to: Martha Procopio@ Recommended to print a copy for your records

TIP & Dressage Schooling Show, Southern Tier Puddle Jumpers
When:   Jun 1, 2013
Description:   Southern Tier Puddle Jumpers Pony Club is pleased to announce:a Dressage Schooling Show held at Windancer Farm in Greene, NY on Saturday June 1st, 2013 Show Secretary: Charlene Bryant Contact email: Please contact the show secretary for a prize list We will be offering USDF introductory classes, USEF Training-Second Level, and a Prix Caprilli class! All proceeds benefit Southern Tier Puddle Jumpers Pony Club. For the OTTB enthusiasts: Additional T.I.P. Classes (Jr/Open divisions) include: 1. Dressage High Point Young Thoroughbred Award 2. Green OTTB High Point Award (Dressage) 3. Dressage High Point Thoroughbred (Overall) 4. Level I Dressage High Point Award 5. Level II Dressage High Point Award 6. Training Level Dressage High Point Award High Point Awards – For each High Point Award, a high point ribbon will be provided for the Junior Division and the Open Division. Prizes– Prizes will be provided for each high point award for the Junior Division and Open Division. Riders and owners should obtain a T.I.P. number for all horse/rider combinations. T.I.P. number applications are done online at T.I.P. numbers must be provided to the horse show. Hard copy forms will also be provided to shows. For more information please find our event on Facebook: Or check out our website: 

Twin Tiers Trail Riders
When:   Jun 1, 2013
Where:  See Schedule (map)
Description:  June 1/Rain date June 2 - Jenksville Trail System, Berkshire and Newark Valley, N.Y. in Tioga County. Contact Sally O’Connell or April Smith 570-827-0987 or 

Barrel Racing Crystal Valley Saddle Club
When:   Jun 2, 2013
Description:  June 2: Barrel Racing: Crystal Valley Saddle Club Corning, NY $300 Added Poles to follow Senior Run

GVRDC USEA Recognized Horse Trials
When:   Jun 2, 2013
Description:  June 2 GVRDC USEA recognized Horse Trials, Geneseo, NY. Levels are Intro, BN and N with a TN (training D and SJ with novice XC) Volunteers needed Contact Wezo Pierson at (585) 509-5691 or
Open English Show, Corner Haven Farm
When:   Jun 2, 2013
Where:  Trumansberg (map)
Description:  2013 Open English Show Schedule 6302 Curry Rd, Trumansburg NY May 19 June 2 August 11 September 15 RAIN OR SHINE! $$$SHOW ALL DAY FOR ONE LOW PRICE$$$ -125’x 250’outdoor ring, 80’x 158’ indoor ring -great footing, easy in/out parking -professionally designed jumps and courses ATTENTION EXHIBITORS: -flat and fence classes for all levels of horses and riders -hunter, equitation and jumpers ATTENTION TRAINERS: -easy for clients to plan their showing budget -no hassle w/adding and dropping classes -all classes open to all riders/horses NEW FOR 2013: Marshall & Sterling classes Get qualified for finals! class schedule to be posted on the website by March1 607.387.9557

Buy, Sell & Trade Event
When: June 2, 11am – 3pm
Where:  Campbell (map)
Description:  First ever Buy, Sell & Trade Event at Flying H Ranch! This is NOT an auction but rather an event Where:   we are inviting sellers & buyers to come together in a public space Where:   there will be access to an arena, round pen, trails & small obstacles! Entry Fees: Buyers - $5/car Sellers - $25/trailer 8848 County Route 4, Campbell NY

Identifying gaits Field Trip at Tamarck Hill
When: June 2, 1:00pm – 2:30pm
Where:  Sheds, NY (map)
Description:  Tamarack Hill Farm near Sheds, NY is hosting a 4H field trip on June 2nd, from 1:00-2:30 and we are extending an invitation to anyone else who would be interested in learning about identifying the different gaits that gaited horses can perform. This is not a clinic to teach you how to get your horse to gait, but rather to be able to understand and identify the different gaits. The price of admission will be a donated item of your choice taken from the wish list of Wanderer’s Rest Humane Association: To sign up please contact me at: Paula Vervaet

Monday, May 27, 2013

A Little Mowing Adds a Lot of Riding

Hudson and I by the pond.
On Saturday, the cold wind was blowing clouds swiftly through the sky, and I didn’t feel like riding a horse in that chilly breeze.  Instead, I hooked up the brush mower to the tractor and mowed a riding trail over half our property.   

The path snaked past the pastures and up the pipeline right-of-way, which was becoming overgrown with thorny roses and berry bushes. 

I roared into the orchard, where I will be setting up a jump course, and mowed two intersecting routes that wound among the apple trees and would allow a rider to enjoy the beauty of that quiet area.

The path also edged the hay fields, serving the triple purpose of clearing brush that always tends to creep there, exposing the woodchuck holes that constantly threaten the mare’s legs and making a neat path that keeps the horse and rider out of the hay.

It was easy, fairly mindless and productive work, and on Sunday, after a harrowing day at my for-pay job that left me much in need of some psyche repair, I got on Hudson and went on a test ride. 

It was perfect.  The orchard was, by far, the stand-out portion.  Because it was neglected and overgrown, it was hard to get through before I mowed, and we hadn’t used it for anything.  That mown path immediately opened it up for horses and humans, and, as I hoped, it was a quiet and lovely place, with purple lilacs and the last of the white apple blossoms still adding their beauty and scent to the scene.  Seeing and following the mown path helped Hudson have less fear in the new place, and when we exited that area, I was filled with a kind of happiness and satisfaction that comes from a perfect combination of horses, humans and nature.

A trip round the hay field found 13 woodchuck holes in our path, treacherous craters that I will be able to fill, now, thanks to their being exposed by the mowing, to make that route safe for a gallop soon.

Speaking of gallops, I asked my big, fat Hudson for a few of them, still thinking about the hunt races in October.  She is a lot like I was in high school track – fast out of the blocks, but quickly losing speed due to lack of endurance.  She thinks she is Black Caviar for about 100 meters, then turns into Sam the plow horse  But that gives us something to work on as we amble along on our riding path through the long, sunny days of summer.

Friday, May 24, 2013

A Lesson in Manners

I don’t suppose that too many of you laughed the last time you were bitten by a horse.  But I was bitten by a horse the other day, and I have to say, I laughed out loud.
A little mare with big opinions.

It was a hot, muggy night (hard to believe, now that it might snow again, two days later).  The gnats were out in force.  I noticed the nasty little things were bothering the sheep, biting their undersides, and the poor sheep’s only recourse was to lie in the grass and get as flat as possible.

Seeing the sheep, I went to check the horses.  You horse owners know that gnats go right for the ears and the belly.  They especially like the invisible seam that runs down the middle of the belly, as well as the center of the chest, the armpits, the inside of the hind legs and, in the case of mares, the udders.  In the case of geldings, the sheaths.

Sure enough, the gnats were biting all of those spots on my mares, so I grabbed my jar of Swat.  Swat is good for protection against gnats because it goes on as a thick paste, so it provides a physical as well as a chemical barrier, and it sticks on for quite a while.

I smeared some inside Hudson’s and Starlights ears, chests, armpits, belly lines, inside their legs and across their udders, then started to do the same to DeCato. 

Now, remember that I don’t handle DeCato as often as I do the other two, and she doesn’t get the full-body contact that one necessarily gives a riding horse.  She does like to be groomed, though, and usually stands like a statue for all such attention.

I rubbed the gooey Swat along her belly seam and then put an additional glob on my hand and, leaning under to see what I was doing, applied it to her udder.

All of a sudden, WHAM! I got smacked and pinched all at once, right on my lower back.  I jumped up, recognizing that unmistakable feeling of a horse bite.   

I glared at DeCato, who glared back at me with a totally affronted, ears-pinned, mare face that clearly said, “Get your filthy self away from my nipples!”

OK, it was bad behavior, but I had to laugh.   In retrospect, here was a mare I didn’t usually touch on her udder, and suddenly, I’m bent over with my head down there, roughly rubbing her nipples back and forth. 

Well, shoot, I would have bitten someone for doing that, too! 

I told her, “DeCato! No!” and went to finish the work.  She pinned her ears and snaked her head toward me again, and I told her, “NO!”

I guess she decided that she had made her point, and if I insisted, she would tolerate it.  But I was quick about it and then backed off, telling her that, this time, she was a good girl.

“Humph,” she seemed to say.

In the end, I received a little bruise and a big reminder about the highly opinionated, and sometimes quite relatable, sensibilities of mares.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Twin Tiers Horse Activities, May 25-29, 2013

A Dressage clinic? Open shows? Breed shows? Trail rides? Parades? Horse Trials? A rodeo? Western Dressage?  Cowboy races?

Move over Lexington and Ocala, I'm beginning to think that the Twin Tiers are actually the horse capital of the United States!
Whatever you do, have a great time with your horse this Memorial Day weekend!

Dressage Clinics with Nicole Weinauge
hen:  May 23- 24, 2013
Description:  Open Clinics with Nicole Weinauge 2013 Clinic Dates May 22-24,
We are pleased to announce an open clinic with Nicole Weinauge, a 2007 graduate of Philippe Karl's School of Légèreté. Nicole is an accomplished rider, teacher, competitor, coach, and clinician. Nicole will teach an open clinic in Greene, NY.  Contact: Ashley Haffey.

NYS Breeders Show Section 2
When: May 23 - 28, 2013
Where:  Syracuse (map)
Description: Section II: May 23 - 27, 2013 

Twin Tiers Trail Riders Rides
When: May 24-27, 2013
Where:  See Schedule (map)
 May 24 – May 27 - Susquehannock State Forest, Potter County, PA Contact Jeanne Root-limited camping permit. or 607-425-4128. Day riders call or e-mail to let us know to expect you. Parking is at Horsey Hilton/Twelve Mile Gas Well. Limited camping spots. 

May 25 – Sugar Hill, Watkins Glen, N.Y. Contact Donna Rinwalske 607-857-1451 or 

May 27- Elmira, N.Y., Elmira Heights, N.Y. and Horseheads, N.Y. Memorial Day Parades – contact JoAnn Schwab 607-739-2554, cell-607-426-9446 or for info.   

Reese Ranch Rodeo
When:  May 25, 2pm – 7pm
Description: Reese Ranch Rodeo Inc. 299 Kinner Hill Road Pine City, NY 14871 (607)-742-6259 (607)-738-1240

The Reese Ranch was originally built to help-out beginners interested in rodeo activities. Our bulls range from your basic beginners to N.F.R. and P.B.R. backgrounds. We do our best at keeping all riders safe but one has to remember that bull riding and handling is one of the most dangerous sports on Earth. 2013 Rodeo Dates May 25 July 27 June 8 August 10 June 22 September 7 July 13 September 21 Horse Events New this year the Reese Ranch Rodeo will be adding Horse Gaming Events to the schedule. If you are a horse gamer, beginner or experienced, we would love to see you here. There will be awards and cash prizes for certain classes Registration will start at 1:00 P.M. and the Rodeo will begin at 2:00 P.M. Rain or Shine!
Western Dressage Clinic, Newell Farm
When: May 25, 2013
Where:  Burdett (map)
Description:  4064 Logan Rd, Burdett, NY 14818 2 day clinic change: to 1/2 day Riding Clinic (9-12) - limited to those who have either been to Newell farm previously in a clinic or for lessons. $50 w/Pizza &drinks provided for lunch or may bring your own.
The afternoon (1 -3 ) will be Equinextion Barefoot Trimming for those who would like to learn to trim their horses feet themselves.
 Limited space for both events !  Cindy 607-227-9470 ***Pre-registration required for participation in all of the clinics. Info -contact: ~Weekly Sign Up sheet for Drill Team Fun! Limited to 8 riders each Thursday. Individual lessons or Sports Massage by Appointment with Your Horse. 

GVPC Spring Horse Trials
When:  May 25, 2013
Description:  May 25: GVPC Spring Horse Trials (Intro, Beginner Novice and Novice levels) at Wheeler Green, Geneseo, NY. Entry form is available on 

Paint-O-Rama, Empire State Paint Horse Club
When: May 25-26, 2013
Description:  May 25-26: Paint-O-Rama, Empire State Paint Horse Club, Will be held at Chemung County Fairgrounds in Horseheads, NY;

 PureCountry Cowboy Races
When: May 25, 2013
Description:  May 25: Pure Country Campground, New Berlin, NY This is a judged and timed event There will be four of these events this year all points and scores will be save and top five points leaders come back for year end finals! 

CNYDCTA Dressage Clinic with Bill McMullen
May 25th – 26th: CNYDCTA Dressage Clinic with Bill McMullin, Deer Hollow Farm Cazenovia, NY, 

Brunch and Ride Memorial for Michele Reddick Bailey
When:  May 26, 2013
Where:  Cortland (map)
Description:  May 26th 2013 Starts at 10am. Music, food and great prizes. Michele Reddick Bailey Memorial Brunch and Ride. Poker Run and Hunter Pace. Hosted by Big Easy Stables. 2799 Rt. 215 Cortland NY 13045 Proceeds benefit daughter Ava Bailey. $45 a rider include brunch and cash bar. Non-riders $20 Brunch, proceeds go to the Ava Bailey Fund 

Open Horse Show, Hoof-N-It 4H Club
When: May 26, 2013
Where:  Whitneyville (map)
Description:  Open Horse Show May 26, 2013 9:00 am Tioga County Fairgrounds Whitneyville, PA Sponsored by Hoof-N-It 4-H Club Halter, Showmanship, Driving, English, Western, Gaming, Green/Novice Eight (8) high point awards ($50 gift certificates). 6 ribbons in all classes. Payback to 4 places in all classes with 5 or more entries. Stakes classes with 100% payback. Food booth available all day. Proof of negative coggins and rabies required. Stalls available at $10 per stall. Reservations required. For more information and stall reservations, call 570-724-4017 or e-mail 

Genesee Valley Hunt XC Schooling
May 27: Genesee Valley Hunt XC Schooling at Horse Trials grounds, 2:00 - 5:00 pm, Geneseo, NY. Contact Marion Thorne at (585) 451-8143 in case of cancellation due to wet conditions or 

Ride in Ithaca Parade with Painted Bar Stables
When: Wednesday, May 29, 2013
Description:  Ithaca Festival Parade Wednesday, May 29 @ Downtown Ithaca Do you want to walk and ride with us in the parade? For the past 3 years Painted Bar Stables has played pretty big role in the Ithaca Festival. We march in the opening ceremonies parade and also offer pony rides during the weekend at the festival. This is an enormous event, especially for our horses! Register here to be in the parade.