Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Routine Maintenance = Big Payoff

Hudson wanted to eat the others' vitamins, too, so I held her back with a rope.
Starlight let me know last week that the bit was hurting.  This mare does not complain about much, so when she responded badly to the bit, I was extra glad the vet was coming to do teeth, as well as to administer spring vaccines and draw blood for Coggins tests.
I usually have this done much earlier, but I was still a gimp in January and February, not safe for handling horses much yet.   I must say, it felt much better spending three hours in the stable with the vet on a warm, spring day instead of on the usual bitter, icy, windy, frozen-toes-and-fingers day.
Maybe the camera is edible?

What a difference the teeth float made for Starlight on our ride tonight!  She was back to being her usual, mellow self, no rooting, headshaking, resisting or unusual anxiety.  She was a joy to ride on the hill, over creeks and logs and through the lengthening grass of our upper field. 

We finished the ride with a gallop over the little gymnastic course we have set up near the pasture, and the low rails were not enough to get her to pick up her feet much, but she was her usual game self, giving me great hope for my plans to expand her skill set this year.

If only she were in good enough shape for the Big Loop hunter pace this weekend or the combined training show at Heavenbound Farm.

Oh well, there will be lots of opportunities in the Twin Tiers this summer, so when she's ready, we'll get out there!

Confirming my total dorkiness, I found this helmet brim to keep the sun out of red-headedly light-sensitive eyes.


  1. That's a huge brim, but I bet it'll be much more comfy with the sun!

  2. It is comfy and it works so well I forget how dorky it looks.

  3. Love the brim. And that you wear a vest. I have a vest too. Feel like a blue ninja turtle in it LOL.

    1. I always wear a vest, and I even have an air vest for certain occasions!