Friday, March 21, 2014

Kentucky in March

My husband and I slipped away last week for a mini vacation to Lexington, KY, the "horse capital of the world," to see the Kentucky Horse Park and watch the 2014 Road to the Horse.
This is how all of Lexington looks.
This annual, horse-starting event features "natural horsemanship" trainers using a shockingly short amount of time to train some young, nicely-bred quarter horse geldings in a competition taking place over a few days in the Alltech Arena.   In addition to the main competition-- this year including trainers from Canada, Switzerland and Australia -- the event included a "wild card" competition that allowed lesser known trainers to vie for a chance to join the main competition.
Hubby scratches a deserving butt at the Horse Park.

In short, this event included a whole lot of horse, and I liked it.  

I'm not saying that every horse should be able to perform walk-trot-canter and succeed in a totally scary obstacle course after roughly three hours of training over three days, but to see what the trainers could accomplish in that amount of time was amazing. 

Lexington presented us with two, sunny spring days and three, icy winter days, so I can't say the weather there did much for us, but on the other hand, we did miss the
I was looking forward to seeing this sculpture. Grand!
-25 wind chills that hit the Twin Tiers at the the same time.

And I brought home a renewed enthusiasm in training my perpetual greenies. Enthusiasm has been hard to garner this year, with winter constantly beating on us arena-less horse owners, so finding a little of it again feels good.
Out for a ride on our rocking saddlebreds.

Sampling local cuisine: Hot Brown.  Know what Welsh rarebit is?  This is like that, with meat.

The festivities at Road to the Horse

Those freaking things scare ME.  Sean Patrick and Joker.

Weird moving blur of a horse

Trainer Antoine Cloux working in the round pen

Trainer Jonathon Field performs in a clinic.

The 4 Sixes remuda.
The final obstacle course with the winners, James Anderson and Smokey.

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