Wednesday, August 24, 2011

This Week's Events Posting Delayed

My weekly posting of upcoming events will be delayed one day.  Sorry!  I raked, baled and stacked (with help, on the stacking) a whole bunch of hay today, and I'm a bit of a zombie.  I'll post them tomorrow night,

In the meantime, here are a couple of pictures:
This one is blurry, but it shows the formation the horses chose when they spotted a big dog near their pasture.  I think they would make a very good defensive line for the New York Football Giants.

My sister, Jenny, likes Stormkite and said it looks like he has bullet holes on his face.  Not bullet holes!  Kissy spots!


  1. They look like they could hold their own against the Bud Clydes in a football game!

  2. I think those Clydesdales would win out over this sandlot bunch. But just rattle a plastic bag or open an umbrella and both teams would scatter.