Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Sunny Day at Stuart

I stopped up at the Stuart Horse Trials on Saturday – cross-country day – with my friend Trish Pierce.  We sat on a hill under the umbrella my husband had just brought home from a golf tournament and watched eventers charging through on their sweaty, foamy, snorty mounts.  It was my first time seeing this local, three-phase event that brings out some big names in the sport.

Carol Kozlowski on Good Earth Bit O Honey
There were about six fences in our view, and, usually, one horse was entering the field through the woods as another was splashing over the water obstacle, preparing to jump their way out of sight.  So it was a good vantage point for the comings-and-goings and the ups-and-overs and, sometimes, the oops-and-arounds. 

Had to include a shot of the flying spotted thang!
We saw the better part of two upper divisions, but not the very top level.  I haven’t competed at any of these levels, so one-star vs. two star vs. preliminary vs. intermediate doesn’t mean a whole lot to me.  The jumps looked big and the teams were all working hard, that I knew.  

We did see our local professional eventer, Carol Kozlowski, jump through on Good Earth Bit O Honey.  That was a treat, although she had a run-out in the orchard, out of our view.  I see she finished up in 14th place, after leading the pack in dressage.   And I noticed that Jack Walnes, who I pictured here on the Twin Tiers Horse last year, finished at the top of his division with The Country Gentleman, so a big congratulations to him!

And I had to include this Hudson-look-alike (was not competing!)
And an Amy look-alike.  Oh wait, that IS me.
My main take-away from the sunny day at Stuart was that I want to get back into combined events, because cross-country is such kick-ass fun!

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