Sunday, March 10, 2013

Riding Stormkite

I have been working on the ground with Stormkite since bringing him home from the trainer's in late February.  By then, I had already been given the "OK" to ride, from my surgeon, but icy conditions, temperatures in the low 20s, strong north winds and his being a very green horse all tangled together to prevent my getting on him right away.
Walking slowly in small circles. 

But I felt good, yesterday, riding Starlight, my tried and true paint pony.  My knee didn't bother me.   And Stormkite's groundwork has gone well; he is showing less resistance with tying and bridling; his longeing is good.  

No time like the present.  Time to ride him!
That spot looks like a wing on the back of the saddle.

We don't have an indoor arena, but we have a hay and equipment barn.  The equipment end is full, but the hay end is empty, awaiting the 2013 hay crop.  Today, the hay end served as a small indoor arena, as I rode Stormkite for the first time in little circles.

He was a good boy! 

PS: A knee note: As I have mentioned, my surgeon is a rider, so he gave me specific advice until my knee is farther alongNo two point, stick to the sitting trot and -- the weird one -- mount from the right to avoid putting full, unsupported/swinging weight on the left knee.   Strangely, neither Stormkite and Starlight, both of whom like to stick to rules, in my observation, seemed to care one bit that I was mounting on the "wrong" side.  And it didn't feel as odd to me as I expected, so that is definitely do-able for the next few months.  It's good training for all of us!

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