Friday, June 21, 2013

DeCato Alone

"You left me ALONE!"
"We're back. You OK?"
The other night, poor little DeCato was left alone for the first time in the several years that I have owned her.   

It was a highly unusual situation -- I had a guest come ride.  

In the past, when this happened, I would pull out two horses and leave three, so no one was ever alone.  But with just three horses now, DeCato, the most herd bound of them all, was alone.

At first she charged up and down the paddock, scattering sheep and humans, alike.  So we put her in the run-in, where she couldn’t break out in a fit of fear.  

She wasn’t happy, and we heard her call a couple times, but when we got back, I was happy to find her fairly calm and totally dry.  I was expecting a dripping, exhausted and stressed mare, but this wild-born mustang managed to keep her act together.   

"Everything's OK now, so I'm just going to yawn."
That is good, because both Hudson and Starlight will be going out for the day soon, so DeCato better start making friends with the sheep!

"Let''s both yawn, OK?"  "OK.""

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  1. They were too cute when we brought Starlight & Hudson back. Both having to go check on DeCato and you could really see them almost talking to each other.