Wednesday, August 28, 2013

We Interrupt this Horse Blog... bring you a sheep.

This is Crabby.  He's an American Blackbelly ram, and since he managed to get a voice on the Twin Tiers Horse Twitter feed this week, I thought I'd show the Twitter followers just who he is. 

He's the more photogenic one, but at least I don't have food on my nose.
I think I saved his life when he was born, back on a single-digit day in February, so that may be why he tolerates my putting my hands all over him.  None of the other sheep allow such indignities.  And my hubby is allowed touch him too, but if anyone else tries, he takes off.

Yes, I know he looks like a goat, but he truly is a sheep.  

OK, back to the horse stuff.  I'll have the line up of weekend horse activities posted tomorrow.

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