Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Art of Feeding

Throw 'em some hay, maybe some oats.

It used to be so easy. 

Now, I'm constantly seeking perfection in the art of horse feeding.  From baling our own hay to the scrutiny of feeder locations, slow feeding, herd dynamics, I'm always trying to improve our equipment and set-up so each horse can get enough food -- but not TOO much, of course, and certainly not too fast.  It has to last as long as possible, to achieve that ideal, constant small stream of roughage working its way through the horse's mysterious and delicate gut.

Here are some shots that -- sort of -- match this blog concept.
This morning: Three small-mesh bags, spread far enough apart.  Hudson has to work too hard to try to hog all the hay.

Lucky horses got extra hay, leftover from sheep feeding.  Sheep marching off somewhere, in a line.

The slow-feeder concept has spilled over to the sheep.
Webbly in his winter coat, looking longingly after the mares.

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