Sunday, April 20, 2014

And The DNA Winner is...

In a previous post, I challenged readers to  guess at the horse breeds that contributed to my mustang mare’s DNA.

I appreciate the responses of the five people who responded, including my brother and sister, whom I cajoled into taking a guess. 

So now, without further ado, here is the big reveal:
DeCato Copper’s predominant ancestor was actually the very type of horse that started the mustang herds in the west: Andalusian/Luisitano!  

So, she may be a direct ancestor of the horses the Spanish brought with them to the new world.

Secondarily, she has some Heavy Draft 1: Belgian, etc.  This is not surprising, as according to the experts, all the Spanish horses contain some draft blood.  On the other hand, she could have picked up some draft along the way, from a loose draft horse stallion who plowed his way into the mix.

Finally, the third type of DNA she carries is Pony 1: New Forest/Highland.

Those guessing did come in with some ponies and Spanish breeds, but no one hit on any of the particular types she carries.

Therefore, to determine a winner for the Mustang Heritage Foundation cap, I put the names of all those participating in a hat and pulled out a winner.

The winner is Trish Piece.  Congrats!

Thanks for playing.  As soon as I receive the cap, I’ll get it to the winner.  I just ordered it when I started the contest, and I  yet.haven't received it, yet.

Mystery solved! 
New Forest Pony

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