Friday, April 15, 2011

It's a field. No! A pasture! No! A camp! No! A show ground!

This will sound odd, but tonight Hudson and I visited a piece of our property I never really saw before.  I knew it was there, 12 acres at the top of the property.  It’s questionable quality hay, according to the former owner – needs fertilizer and reseeding.  He took us up there in a truck that couldn’t make it the last, steep, icy 20 yards, that day last winter when my husband and I were still thinking about buying this place.  The former owner had graciously offered to drive us around out there in the woods and fields, so we could get a good look. 

When the truck couldn’t make it up, we got out and trudged up the slick, snowy slope and stood for a few minutes as he pointed out the edges.  The day was bitter and windy and the field, snow-covered.  I can't say I really looked at it well, but good to know it was there.

This evening, Hudson and I crossed the creek and rode up through the woods to the same place.  When we got to the edge, where I had stood in the cold a few months ago, I couldn’t believe what I saw. 

What a glorious field!  
I didn't take a picture of our ride tonight, so here's a peaceful shot of the herd.

It’s huge and green, with a bit of a roll, and truly at the top of the hill.   It’s rimmed on all sides by forest, with the one odd tree still standing in the grass, a large bolder underneath it.  That’s where I would have played, if I were here 40 years ago, on that rock.  Maybe some other little girl did.

At first, as we trotted about up there, I was just thinking of hay and admiring it, but eventually my mind went to pasture, then to adding a little camp house and a fire place, then to…no WAY!  What a great place for a horse show!  Plenty of room for a couple of arenas and a jumping course all the way around.  People could park down below and…well, it’s just a thought, a little dream. 

This place has so much potential.  We are blessed to have such a great piece of land.  And the dreams that come with it.


  1. How fantastic that Hudson took you there! The little Canadian dream horse making all the dreams come true!

  2. She's my partner for so many great adventures!