Sunday, April 10, 2011

Once imagined. Now Real.

Today it happened, just like I pictured it.  Before we even bought this place, and many times since then, I  looked out at the land here on the hill and said to my husband,  “There we are, Hudson and I.  Can you see us?  We’re riding right down that road and up that hill.  See us?  See us?”
Starting out.  Taken by my husband from the upstairs deck.

 Today, after a long, miserable winter, spring crept out of hiding, and I saddled up my big, black and white riding partner and we went right down that road and up that hill.  
Down the road
By the pond
It was just as I imagined it.  Hudson was excited to be out, but not goofy.  We rode down the road and around the pond, then across the bottom of the pasture and up the pipeline right-of-way, hopping little streams and puddles, Hudson wanting to go, go, go, but I telling her to just walk, just walk.  We’re both out of shape and this was a time to just walk and enjoy the beautiful, spring afternoon in the farming hills of south central New York.

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