Monday, May 2, 2011

Trying to Beat the Mud. Again.

It was drizzly and gray by the time I got in my horse time tonight, so I didn't ride or work anyone.  Instead, I tied each horse to her own post (no stalls in this joint), and fed them their Equipride and vitamin E, then scrubbed the dried mud off their legs.   It had encased them like a plaster cast and it took some elbow grease to make a dent in it.

Standing tied is a good exercise in patience for this unruly lot, and they are getting good at it.

Mail delivery by pony express?
While I worked, my mind dwelled on the obvious: We have a mud problem.

In fact, we have had a mud problem for the last eight years, first in Bentley Creek and now here.  To be fair, this has been one of the rainiest springs in years, but even during a normal spring, we will have a mud problem if we don't do something.

So, we're doing something.  Tomorrow, the contractor who helped us put in our outdoor arena in Bentley Creek (Oh, if ONLY I could move an arena!) is coming to evaluate our mud and give us suggestions on how to get rid of it permanently.  And he'll give us a quote, of course.  His suggestions might be free, but his work sure won't be.

And, since we also want a circular driveway for easy horse-trailer ins-and-outs, and since Dee wanted to come out and play, I put a halter on my brown and white girl and we walked around the place, finding possible locations for the driveway.

We picked out a couple of possibilities to bounce off my husband, or rather, I picked them out while Dee munched on grass.  Then she helped me get the mail, which was made up of a horse goods catalog and Horse Illustrated magazine, and we went down to visit my husband in the garage.  We stopped at the garage door, but I think Dee would have happily marched right in and and up into the house.

In my far-away past, there were horses in my house.  Sometime I'll tell those stories.

So, tomorrow it will be raining again, with another inch and a half on the way.  But also comes the contractor.  We'll just see if we can't tame this mud monster, once and for all.

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