Sunday, October 23, 2011

Flying Colors

Starlight was a rock star yesterday at the Halloween party and obstacle course.  We were at Wendy and Roger Youmans’ High Country Stables in Hornby, an awesome facility with over 100 acres and a big barn with lots of stalls, heated bathroom and kitchen/eating area and an indoor arena (it’s for sale, by the way). 

The obstacles included an elevated bridge, teeter-totter, poles for bending, a mailbox, ground poles, a tarp curtain, and also involved picking up, carrying and replacing things from barrels and cones.  Oh, and a big ball, lent by yours truly.

The food was potluck and included sandwiches, meatballs, candied apples, donuts and decadent baked beans, the latter also being supplied by yours truly, if you’re wondering.

Starlight, the little cutie-pie, was dressed as a circus pony, and really, nothing fazed her in the course, not even the teeter-totter, which moves under the horse.  The tarp curtain was the only thing that gave her pause at first, but it wasn’t long before she was just pushing right through. 

Here are pictures from the day.  It’s hard to take good pictures in an arena (especially while on a horse), but they give you an idea of the look of things.
The Circus Pony

The Circus Pony, now with Bareback Rider. ( I didn't know my butt does that when I ride! Eek!)

"Luigi and Yoshi" (Amber and Smoke)

Wendy and LT as hippies

Taz is the horse

The Spread

Better get Ghost Hunters up to High Country Stables!

The bridge

The teeter-totter


Another view of the curtain

Wendy's horse, LT (left) tried to kill Starlight.  I think it's half Tasmanian Devil.
The ball and arena.

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