Thursday, October 13, 2011

I Have a Little Stormkite Who Goes In and Out with Me.

Tonight I told the horses that the first horse who came down to the run-in would be treated to grooming and a romp in the obstacle course.  Only two of them took me up on it, DeCato and Stormkite, and not surprisingly, Stormkite was first.

Stormkite adores following me around.  I’m not saying he adores ME, necessarily, although he might, but he does adore following me around.  In fact, after the grooming and the training in the obstacle course, I put him back in the run-in, expecting him to go off to the pasture with the mares, but instead he followed me around as I mucked.  

I'll come, too.
So, we did some “carrot stretches” with hay pellets as treats.   I tried to take pictures of this, and got the expected result.  He was in constant motion and always too close to the camera as he walked whereever I walked.   But we had a good time, and he never did join the mares until I turned on the fence, turned off the lights and walked down to the house.

I can get even closer, see?
Me again!

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