Monday, December 19, 2011

Breaking an ancient rule

Now, does that not look like a comfy seat?
 Even though I have never technically mounted Stormkite, I have been on his back several times.

That is because I can't resist sitting on a lying horse.  There is something so sweet about the way they fold their legs up under their big bodies, and their tails look so doggone cute, spread daintily on the ground.

Stormkite tolerates it well enough, as they all do.  It's bad horsemanship, and I was ferociously forbidden from doing this as a child.  But once in a while, I admit, I will sit on his broad, fat, supine body.  
Sweet dreams, Sweet Starlight.

It serves no training purpose, I'm sure,  since it likely doesn't translate in a horses' brain to anything remotely like being ridden. And they probably find it mildly annoying.  But it is fun!  

PS: Kids, you are absolutely FORBIDDEN from doing this until you are at least 40.

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  1. Supercute! I'm beginning to think everybody does this; just heard a "confession" from a boarder who's been sitting on her dozing coming 4-year old in the evenings. Might not have any actual aid-training usefulness later on, but it is the first step in letting them know that not everything that may land on their backs is a cougar! I love these Holstein cuties!