Thursday, December 29, 2011

Twin Tiers Horse Events, New Year's Weekend, 2012

My first weekly calendar update with "2012" in the title!  We have an event this New Year's weekend!  It sounds rather sinful, but I'm certain it's horse-related, so it must be good!

January 2: Birchtown Stables, Birchtown, PA
Craps in the New Year. Compulsive Gambling
Free “Class” Play! Enter 3 Classes and Get 1 Regular Class FREE! Judge : tba
I would have updated this events entry last night, as I try to do it on Wednesday evenings, but instead, I was out in my barn coveralls in the driving north wind, pounding in new grounding rods and hovering up in the barn rafters, trying to get the fence charger to show some life after a four-horse jail break yesterday.  

No good, so I'll be out there again today.  I need to find that good zap for these cheeky beasts!

Have fun with your horses this New Year's weekend!


  1. I really enjoy your posts. And I must say, "I HATE MUD." My pony is "off" again and I blame the mud. Of course, the reason there is no snow is because I had the farrier put on her borium and snowpads back in early December.

    Any time you need a riding partner, let me know. :-)

  2. Sorry to hear about your mare's issue. I hope she heals quickly! I'll definitely keep you in mind as a riding partner -- for when the MUD goes away!