Sunday, April 22, 2012

On Training, Injuries, Selling

I doinked my knee the other night while working with Stormkite.   We had trained in the round pen and did our first ground driving session two nights earlier.  This night, he was more hyper than usual, so I let him canter around with the saddle on, getting rid of excess energy.

When I put the long-lines on him for ground driving, he seemed calm, but then he abruptly broke out of the round pen and started running all over the paddock, with all four mares joining him in one of the longest races-around-the-place I have ever witnessed.  Just as I thought he would start to peter out, his sister, Dee, would get him going again, or DeCato would.
Dee looking comfy in the round pen.

There he was, running about, tail up, my Duett saddle on his back, long lines trailing out behind.

All in all, it took my husband and I quite a while to settle everybody down, and for me to get him back to work.  I lunged and ground drove him successfully after that, but, during the fracas, I twisted my knee. 

So, now, I’m laid up and frankly, I’m tired of being laid up at the start of the riding season.   Fortunately, this injury is fairly minor, and I’m already walking better.  I’ll see a doctor on Monday to find out what I actually did to the knee, but rest, ice and ibuprofen have helped a lot.

My plan was to start Dee and Stormkite and sell them this summer.  As much as I love my happy little herd, I have known for some time that, once they were all old enough to ride, I would have too many horses to keep in work – at least, if I still wanted to work for a living myself, which I have to do to keep the horses in good health.  Ah, the vicious-cycleness of it all.

Stormkite seeking direction
And while I love training horses to be ridden, it's a tough gig, and I lose enthusiasm with each injury.  After many seasons of training-related injuries, it's time for me to enjoy the horses I have already trained and to get them beyond their perpetual greenness, into a career.

So, now, I’m switching to a different plan.  I’m going to send Dee and Stormkite out for training and selling.  I posted an ad on Craigslist and sent out a notice on COTH, and I’m now in the process of weeding through possible trainers, based on the many recommendations I have received.

While I could just pop them up for sale now, I want to give them the best chance to get a good home, and being rideable is the main criteria.  

But, that said, they are now officially for sale, so if one of you out there has been coveting these pretty, painted ponies, now’s your chance!  And, if you’re a regular reader, you’ll know a lot about Dee and Stormkite -- full disclosure!   

I’m still collecting trainer recommendations, so let me know if you have worked with a local trainer who is really skilled at giving horses a good start.
Hudson draws the camera and steals the scene.

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  1. For hunter and dressage I would recommend Lisa Mckee at Foxtale Farm. Also, if you email me the info on your horses I will pass it on to my daughter who works at an eventing barn in Alden.

    Sorry about your knee. I get my cast off Thursday and can't wait.