Friday, April 13, 2012

Shedding Winter Coats and Blankets

I have been putting the horses out on grass every day for the last week or so, gradually building up the time they are out there, slowly getting their systems accustomed to grass again, after the long winter of eating nothing but hay.
Wads of old winter coat.

I'm using temporary fencing to force them into the long, lush-looking grass, preventing them from destroying the super-short, nibbled places that they so love.  

The short areas need more warm sun to grow tall enough for them to eat.  The long grass must be tough, but when it’s all they have, they choose it.
Tonight I pulled off their blankets and gave them each a good grooming before putting them out, producing great gobs of dandruffy winter hair. 

When I bring them in each night, they are still chewing.  Their grassy horse breath is so sweet and summery!
I was thinking that all the horses came through the winter in good weight.  Then I saw this.

Stormkite moves along when Hudson says so.
Starlight keeps me in her sights when I'm hanging around.
Dee swings by to say "hi" on her way to a new grazing spot.
DeCato doing her mustang imitation. Oh, yeah!  She IS a mustang.
The Boss.

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