Sunday, August 19, 2012

Show/No Show

Starlight and I slipped into a show yesterday, but we didn't actually do any showing.  Instead, I took the opportunity of having a show nearby to expose Starlight to show grounds, complete with all kinds of scary things such as trailers, strange horses, decorated jumps, bleachers, spectators, loudspeakers and, what proved to be scariest of all, the asphalt surface between two rows of stalls. 
Starlight after a ride, still in her purple boots.

We tried to melt into the background, but I think we might have been noticed.  Starlight is, after all, noticeable, with her lovely black and white coat and pretty little face.  Plus, she was very obviously a pony among a lot of actual horses, who looked very tall to me.  Then there were her purple hoof boots.   

And as long as I was protecting her, I decided to protect myself and tossed on my safety vest.  So, sum it up to say that we looked more like we had shown up for a cross-country clinic than an open show, and then we proceeded to wander around as if we were lost.

Munching from our hayfield and looking at the other horses.
But I knew where we were going.  After we had a look at everything, we worked in a big arena, did some walk, trot, canter, halt, back and even a dressage pattern. 

My friend Trish and her husband, Marty, met me there to watch me sneak around the place, lending a hand, and also to get some ideas about competing with Trish's energetic Morgan gelding, Sherman, at the next show.

Keeping an eye on my husband, who had a noisy Saws-all.
Starlight, was, as always, a star.  She was well behaved and cooperative, doing everything I asked under saddle in the best way she can, considering her greenness.   She was somewhat hesitant about the trailer, since it's a new one to her, and she may remember that the last time she went on a trailer ride, we left her friend Dee behind, and who knows what kind of trust and trailer issues that might cause in a horse's mind.
But all-in-all, a good day and good experience.  Next time, we'll actually compete!

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