Monday, August 6, 2012

What's the buzz? RUN!!

Has anyone else felt as though all your rides lately have ended up like something out of a John Carpenter movie?

The Biting Thing
Those biting flies have been out in horrific numbers this year, causing a high level of paranoia and anxiety around my place.   On rides, the horses and I are constantly on alert for one of the really big ones to land on the horse's nether parts, an event that is sure to lead to a whole lot of running, jumping, hurtling and gymnastics that would make any Olympian proud.

But good news! I do believe their numbers are starting to dwindle.  I noticed that in the past few days, the horses have been less bothered by those nasty green heads.

And tonight, on this unexpectedly cool evening, Starlight and I had a fine ride almost completely free of the rotten biting bastards.  

It ain't over yet, but I have a feeling the worst of the fly season will soon be behind us.  Let's just hope none of us experience any spectacular (and unexpected) fly-related dismounts before they go! 

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