Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sheep Work Starlight

The sheep appear to be stuck.  They found a spot in the pasture that they prefer, and they stay there.  All the time.   

The other horses joined in the chase. I'm on the far right.
Yesterday, my husband and I had to herd them in the direction of their food and water, so they would at least know it's there.  Now, they will go from their spot to the food and water, and back, but noplace else. 

There happens to be a lovely shelter in the pasture, but they have not gone anywhere near it.

This created a perfect excuse for me to get on Starlight and try to use her to herd the sheep toward the shelter.   

Several times, she and I moved them from their first spot to their other spot, at which point they would tear ass back to their first spot.  My goal was to use Starlight to block their flight back and redirect them toward the shelter.
Back everybody goes, to the first spot.

We did this three or four times, and each time Starlight got better and better, until the last time, when, as soon as the sheep started running, she didn't wait for me but took it on her own initiative to try to outrun them.  

Those little boogers are incredibly fast!  

During that last attempt, we followed them to their second spot, and then saw my husband coming down with the camera.  The sheep took off toward their first spot, and Starlight watched them go, as if she were saying, "There they go!  Let's get 'em!"  

But her sides were heaving and I'm sure the sheeps' were, too, and it was starting to rain, so we called it a day.  

We'll get them in that darn shelter yet, even if it takes all winter!

Sheep: 4; Amy and Starlight: 0.


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