Sunday, December 2, 2012

At Home This Weekend

Since there were no Twin Tiers horse events this weekend that I could find, I hope you have found something fun to do with your horses at home, or at your barn. 

I used the time to do some fence work in the dry lot yesterday. That's where the horses stay during the winter, and I'm guessing it's a pretty boring place, in horse eyes.

So, I decided to put them out in the upper pasture while I was working (to get them out of my hair) and they had a royal romp. 

I didn't have a good camera with me, but these shots show you that Hudson is still the queen and when she wants a romp, WE ROMP!

First a roll to get a nice, even coating of mud.

Gracious!  I think I have put on a few pounds!

Hah! Look at my hang time! I get almost 8 inches off the ground.

Forward, march!

No one questions Hudson the Queen.


  1. Still boggles my mind that Huds is the queen! She wears both her crown and her mud well, however!