Saturday, December 29, 2012

Painted Pony

I think this painting of Hudson is pretty close to being finished.  It's technically a collage, since I incorporated horsey items such as a bit of electric tape fencing, a snip of fly sheet, a twist of baling twine and several long pieces of hay.

Yup -- while my poor husband has been out on the tractor, trying to find a place to push all the snow, I have been sitting on my butt, painting a horse picture.  But I AM now walking around the house without crutches, so it won't be long before I'm back out in the stable, shoveling all kinds of stuff along with him.

And I can't wait!  

But I have to remember something pretty important about ACL reconstruction: Just when I'm starting to walk around, that's the same time that the ligament graft is at its weakest. The piece of stretchy, soft tissue taken from my patella tendon has been dying over the past few weeks, as its old blood supply is gone.  It is going to start building a new blood supply from the bones to which it is grafted, and will gradually regenerate, but this part takes months.  

Weird, huh?  

Oh, so anyway, here's the painting.

I don't do the Queen justice!  She was actually much more pissy than depicted here.


  1. Nice likeness. Don't know your hubby but I bet he would rather you were following doctor's orders and healing rather than trying to help outside.

    Hope you have ice cleats too for when it gets icy out.

  2. Well, "soon," is relative. I won't be out in the stable properly for at least another month. When I started PT, my husband made me promise that I would not try horse chores for two full months from surgery. That puts me at Feb. 12.