Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Chasing Tails

"Who, me?"
Some of you may remember my sad story of the tail-eating ram.

To re-cap, last year, I noted that all my mares' tails had been chewed, and eventually I realized the culprit was Webbly, the love-sick ram who prefers the company of mares to his own kind.  (Here's the story: Link)

Well, we eventually finished the sheep fencing and were able to relegate the mad tail-nosher to his own side of the fence.  He was bereft, but the mares couldn't care less.

The tools.
Since then, by the way, some disparaging comments were directed at my mares' threadbare tails.  

Well, even though their luxurious locks have not yet finished growing back, circumstances have brought us right back to a situation that is imminently tail-threatening.  I have had to temporarily separate the two rams, Webbly and this year's ram lamb, from the ewes.  Webbly can't hang with his daughters as they hit maturity, and the ram lamb can't hang with any ewes, because I have observed that there is nothing hornier than a ram lamb at about five months old, and not even his own mother would be safe.

There's nothing sexier than good lingerie.
The only place to keep the rams (until we install yet more sheep fencing) is with the mares, who placidly ignore the rams' attention, even when Webbly jumps straight up in the air as high as their heads.

But, I must protect the tails.
I have not found anyplace locally to buy tail bags, at least, none that I can get to with my insane schedule of late.  But I happened to be in a shoe store at lunch and spotted the thigh-high stockings on sale.

Can you see the light bulb above my head?

So, three white thigh-highs and a dosing of bitter-tasting spray later, and I have my latest scheme to keep that hair-nibbling ovine off those tails!   I'll let you know how it works out.

Oh, and anybody looking for some lovely sheep?  I happen to be selling two ewe lambs and a ram lamb.  Your purchase of these beautiful sheep will help protect my horses' tails!

OK, OK, can't blame a gal for trying....

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