Monday, June 2, 2014

Muscle Work

Hudson and Starlight were treated to a sports massage this past weekend, courtesy of Kerry Miller of Second Star Equine Massage Therapy.  My husband had surprised me with gift certificates for the massages at Christmas, but I decided to wait until it was bit warmer out to try out Kerry's work.
Kerry does the hard part while I stand by, drinking coffee.

Hudson definitely responded to the massage, being very clear on what she liked and what she didn't.  Hudson has demonstrated a variety of body soreness issues, so it was not surprising to see my big girl having big reactions.  By the time Kerry got to the back end of the first side, Hudson was starting to get it, stretching her neck out with a quizzical look, as though she were thinking, "Oh! That might feel good if I could just relax!"

It ain't easy to get that big neck to bend!
Starlight was more subdued in her responses and a more cooperative about the body work.

Although I have one more massage certificate, I didn't have Kerry work on DeCato, since the little red mare is almost never asked to do any work whatsoever.  But I was a little sorry about my decision when I saw DeCato waiting expectantly at the gate for her turn, and then her regretful look that seemed to say "Hey! What about me?" as Kerry left.

I can see where massage could be an appreciated part of a horses' routine.  Come to think of it, I would like it to be part of mine, as well! 

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