Saturday, September 24, 2011

Easy Work for Stormkite

My mother asked, “How’s your little guy doing?”

She was referring to Stormkite, our sole gelding.  I told her he was doing well, eating lots of grass, starting riots among the mares.   But I admitted I hadn’t worked with him much, and he was due for some serious training-type attention.

“You’re neglecting him,” she said sternly.

So, Mom, this one’s for you.  Tonight, the little tub got a nice grooming, then we took a walk through the obstacle course.   Three years old, he seemed to enjoy himself and took on the obstacles with confidence.
Polished up for Grandma

The tires again!

Why do we need a bridge to connect the grass to the grass?

Hey! Don't I usually eat this stuff?

Can we do something harder?

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