Thursday, September 22, 2011

New Challenges

Last night I wanted to ride Starlight again, but I had ridden her pretty hard the previous night and, if she’s anything like me, she might have been a bit sore in her muscles.

So I tacked her up and experimented on our newly created (but far from completed) obstacle course. 

After a bit of a hissy about the tires (I agree -- they are the creepiest obstacle so far), she was perfect.  The obstacles include a “bridge,” tires,  four logs set in a line, a tiny crossrail and two small round bales put together end-to-end to form a jump.  I also hung up my blue slicker coat to pick up while mounted, but we forgot to practice that, by mistake.

Here are some shots that my very patient husband took for us. 

OK, have to say: What the heck is that stupid head angle of mine?  What in my brain makes me think I should tip my chin up while riding?  That has to go.   I hope you can excuse this, and enjoy the pictures anyway!
Almost a jump!

No problemo on the bridge.

Over the logs.  Grass is too high to see them.

The creepy tires.  We inherited that pile when we bought the house.  Putting a few to use, anyway!  The rest will go. Tires, anyone?

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