Tuesday, September 6, 2011

An Open Letter to the Good People in Bentley Creek

Dear Residents of Bentley Creek:

I love you guys.  You were some of the best neighbors a person could want.  You are kind, and caring and you welcomed us so warmly when we moved there eight years ago.

I remember when the creek came up and some folks from the Ridgebury Volunteer Fire Department helped us evacuate the horses through the knee-deep water that flowed on the turnpike.
A lazy evening in the rain.  And the other two are still with us, too!

I remember when one of you called the emergency personnel to report “a man lying in the field” by my house, not realizing that I have bad ankles and had simply taken a header on some loose gravel just before you drove by (and, yes, I do look fairly asexual in my winter barn clothes).  Everyone ended up confused by that one, but it was good for a laugh.

You are some of the best people in one of the best communities in Pennsylvania.  I mean that. 

Now, please stop spreading rumors that I’m dead.

Sincerely, your former neighbor and forever friend, alive and well, with horses and husband, just over the hill,

PS: If you wonder what the heck I’m talking about, check out this note I received from fellow Ridgeburians, Jeanne & Steve Root.  You might recognize their names if you read the weekly run-down of events, as they are key organizers in the Twin Tier Trail Riders:

“You are going to appreciate this laugh.  Just to show you how small town talk goes.  The big village of Bentley Creek could not figure out why all your horses were gone so someone come up with the idea that you had a horrible horse accident and died so your husband sold all the horses. 

We had my truck repaired at Mike's Garage and when we stopped to pick it up, Sue said she figured us being horse people too would know what happen to you.  We laughed when she asked about the death from a horse accident.   We assured them that you were just fine.

Jeanne and Steve Root”

Thanks, Jeanne and Steve, for straightening that one out!

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