Thursday, February 9, 2012

Is That the Moon I See, Over There in the West?

And it's still green!
Dee and I were out with the moon the other night and grabbed this photo.

Isn't it strange to see a horse grazing in the Twin Tiers in February?  Normally, by now, the ground is frozen and covered in enough snow to keep the grass hidden until late March.  Dee was glad to find it edible!

Anybody know the song I referenced in the title?  Probably only my siblings, if they happen to catch this post. My childhood was full of obscure songs.  Here's a link. 
It's not horse-related, but it's a pretty, plaintive song, written and sung roughly by Utah Phillips. 


  1. Nice picture. Allie is enjoying having grass to eat, too

  2. I haven't let them out in the pastures much, though, because it's too wet! They'll ruin them before spring even gets here.