Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Spring in the Air!

Starlight is not a mare who is obvious about being in heat, but it IS Valentine's Day.  And it's pretty obvious that she's silly in heat.  This must be that first big estrus of the year, and a sure sign that spring is on the way.   

An older photo that amuses me.  Starlight calmly removing Dee from her locale.  Chomp.

So, while she's being all goofy and frustrated, I'm feeling happy, because it means the days are getting longer and soon a new season begins.  A look at the BIG calendar shows all kinds of events, and it's about time for me to pick out the ones I want to attend, and with which horse. 

I was listening to The Western Radio Show on podcast tonight, as I stood out in the stable, grooming my lovey-dovey mare.  The co-host, Tammy Sronce, is a world champion mounted shooter, and she was chatting about her training classes.  The important thing, she said, is to set realistic goals, small goals even, so you can really meet them and feel a sense of achievement.  Setting goals that are too big might set you up for disappointment and perhaps discourage you from trying, she said.

I liked that advice.  It made sense.  But I will never follow it.  I always set huge goals for myself, really more than I can ever hope to achieve in the time frame I have to work in.  But I don't get disappointed if I don't meet every one.  I appreciate the little victories as I move toward the insane stretch goal, and I rarely feel discouraged that way.   

For instance, last year I wanted to get both Starlight and Dee going well under saddle.  I was successful in getting Starlight going, and she and I went out on several riding adventures, on and off the farm, and had a bang-up good time.  Dee, not so much.  But I was so pleased with Starlight's progress that I forgave myself and knew that Dee would have her chance in the sun.  

This is Dee's year, and we'll just see what it brings, celebrate the little wins, ignore the, ahem, hard landings, and keep a steady gallop in the right direction, enjoying the trip, even if we don't actually find the finish line.

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