Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Happy Little Herd

This shot shows all five of the horses using their new canvas tarp as a wind block -- a very satisfying scene.

Interestingly, they are standing in "dominance" order.  Hudson, the boss, is by herself nearest the tarp, then Starlight (you can only see her legs and a bit of neck), Dee, DeCato and, finally, Stormkite, the gelding, standing in the spot farthest from the tarp.

On another note, today, the vet came and gave rabies shots and drew blood for Coggins.  This vet, Dr. Megan Cox of Finger Lakes Equine Practice, uses photos for Coggins paperwork, which I think is a huge improvement over the old, hand-drawn markings.  But unfortunately, every one of my horses had rolled heartily before I came home from work to get them ready for the vet's visit. 

Is it OK for the Coggins paperwork to describe the horse's color as "black, white and mud?"

The horses were all extremely well behaved, standing quietly tied and waiting patiently as each received a shot, a blood draw and then a walk outside for the photo shoot.  When a horse returned from getting her picture taken, another would nicker a welcome, even though they each were on the other side of the canvas for only a couple minutes, at most.

As she cast a look back at them before driving off, Dr. Cox described the horses as "a happy little herd."  

That's a good description of my muddy bunch!


  1. Doctor Cox, the Doc who rocks! (And climbs rocks!)
    They are a happy little herd, and why wouldn't they be? Life is good with the Gilberts.

  2. Yeah, it could be worse for a horse than here on the hill. I FINALLY am in Dr. Cox's territory!

  3. I like Megan, although she isn't our vet. She's a good rider, too.