Monday, March 26, 2012

It really IS greener

I haven't put the horses out on the main pasture yet.  I'm waiting for the ground to be a little dryer and the grass a little higher.  

I keep telling the mares, "It is MARCH.  Last year you weren't out until MAY."

It's true that last year was unusually wet through April, and this year has been unusually dry and warm in March (even though it's snowing in sheets as I write -- Yup, first day of vacation, so, naturally).  The grass is up and green.

Yesterday, after good rides on Hudson and Starlight, I noticed DeCato, the pretty red mustang, standing in the paddock by herself with her face as close to the electric tape as she dared, just gazing down at the pasture full of green, green grass.

She was so quiet and yet so obvious in what she was thinking, and her pathos earned her a trip out on the lead line to the grass and an answer to that craving.  

...and it was SOOOOO good!

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