Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sunset Ride In Early Spring

On this sunny and warm evening, so uncharacteristic of early March in Upstate New York, Hudson and I took a stroll out on the hill.  

Here's how it looked:

The sun going down over the western hill
Crossing a sloppy area.  Sometimes these make Hudson go BOING!

Heading through the field.  You can still see where my husband mowed a path for us last year.

That's what we earth science geeks might call a "vernal stream."

Last shot before I pocketed the camera.
And that's a good way to live a warm, spring evening.  Thanks, Huds.


  1. Nice pics. Great day for a ride. I'm jealous. As soon as I get my walking cast on, I'm hopping on my pony. No stirrup work here I come.

  2. That's a good way to work on your balance while you finish healing. I love no-stirrup work -- but only after the spring WHOOPIES are behind us!

    1. I love no stirrup work too but don't tell my trainer. LOL One of the people that rides at the barn said riding her horse was her own thigh master.