Sunday, September 9, 2012

Cat Goes Bronc Riding and Headless Horse

Sometimes you don’t have a camera, or things happen too fast for a camera, or, as reality TV clearly demonstrates, sometimes you have a camera but something is happening that needs your full attention, and stepping back to take a photo would be irresponsible.

It was the latter for me, yesterday, so I had to portray what happened through my memory and my childish drawing skills.  Here you go.

You get the idea.

Besides the cat leaping on the horse yesterday, I also experienced what it would be like to ride a headless horse.  Actually, a headless and neckless horse.  

Does anyone else have a horse that thinks it’s a bloodhound?  Both Hudson and Starlight like to sniff the ground as they walk.  Yesterday, it was wet and soggy after the rain, so I took Starlight for a ride on the gravel road.  It had been a while since we went there, so she was fairly up, and also very curious about the new place.  She put her face down and sniffed the road as we walked, but it wasn’t just a quick sniff, it was ten or twelve strides that I was riding a horse who had, from my perspective, no visible head or neck.  She did this several times during the ride and I felt like I was just riding a big horse torso.  

What would a dressage judge think of this?  Is there such a thing as TOO stretchy a walk?

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