Saturday, September 1, 2012

Saturday Doings

A trip to the Chemung County Fairgrounds was in order today, to watch Foxwin Sherman compete with handler, Sydney Stringham.  Sherman is a Morgan owned by my friend Trish Pierce, and it was his first show.  They competed in a halter class for "other breeds" at the Twin Tiers Classic show.

Sherman and Sydney looked great together!

Team Sherman, with Sydney Stringham and Trish Pierce.  Team member Marty Pierce not pictured.
I had hoped to show Starlight, but with my being out of town half the week, she was not ready.

When I got home, I found my husband was assembling the little jump standards we had cut last night, and I was very pleased with his effort!

And the cat chewed our cow-chasing tool.  
"I ain't afraid of no golf umbrella."

A busy morning, all around.  

Congrats to Sherman, Sydney and Trish for a successful show experience!

Before the class.


  1. Excellent first photograph-- Sherm and I are both parked out with our backs arched and tummys out! Thanks for being there today; it was reassuring to have you there!

  2. And nice work, Gibby! Those look right regular official and everything!

  3. Hey, it was hard to get you BOTH holding still in the same shot!

    I'll tell Gibby your message. Got poles today, so just have to order jump cups.