Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Not Your Run-of-the-Mill Mare

I have been trying to get a draft horse show halter for Hudson since July.

She is registered as a North American Spotted Draft Horse, but she is actually half draft. This has caused some challenges in the draft-horse-halter-fitting department. 
A super (sized) model!

Her head doesn’t fit any of the standard-sized draft halters, not the full draft or the 2-year-old draft or the Haflinger. 

I learned this through multiple interactions with the folks at My Draft Horse Super Store. 

After a couple of their handmade, standard-sized show halters went back and forth, from them to me and back, not fitting right, I was pulling out my hair.  I really wanted one of those lovely white halters for my lovely black and white mare, but I couldn’t find one that fit!

So Addy, at My Draft Horse Super Store, who had been amazingly patient with me all along, then suggested that I send Hudson’s measurements and they would make a show halter that would fit my girl’s non-standard head.

Just so Addy can see the person who kept bugging her!
Well, it arrived recently and it was worth the wait.  She may not be a standard draft horse, but she sure looks gorgeous in the draft horse show halter, made just for her.

Thanks Addy, and all the folks at My Draft Horse Super Store!  If you folks ever need a model for your custom halters, just give Hudson a call!

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