Friday, July 12, 2013

BLM Sneak Peek

My husband and I went up to Cornell take a look at the BLM mustangs and burros that will be "auctioned" tomorrow.  Actually, as long as you're "qualified," it's really just a first-come/first-pick situation.  The youngsters sell for $125.  Those older go for $25. 

There is a lot wrong with this situation.  However, if you have room, experience with training youngsters from scratch, and the time, desire and cashola it takes to raise a horse properly, there were some darn nice looking horses there today.

Here are a few of the horses and donkeys we noticed:
Yearling -- already handled.

Awww, don't you need a couple of kissing hee-haws?

She had a bum leg, likely from a kick, but a pretty mare.
Can't resist these guys.
Wins "longest ears" award.

Can carry you over many a fence.
Him too.
Pretty mare
You can pretend he's a gypsy vanner.

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