Sunday, July 14, 2013

The One Sock Gang

When I put our new Summer Whinny Sox on the ponies for the first time tonight, I uncharacteristically, followed directions. 

The directions said to start with just one sock, to make sure the horse doesn't have any major concerns about wearing what appears to be a gym class tube sock.
DeCato contemplates peeling the sock off with her teeth

I'm glad I did follow the directions, because, while Hudson and Starlight were not at all concerned, being regular hoof-boot wearers, DeCato was quite nonplussed to find something on her leg.  It took some reassurance from me before she decided I really did intend to put that there.

The socks are designed to keep biting flies off the horses' legs, and they supposedly do not fall down.  In the morning, I'll see if that's true.

Looks like they're sharing a pair.

One-socked Hudson scatters the others on her way to grass.

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