Monday, July 15, 2013

Sock Report

The fly socks that are not supposed to fall down did, indeed, fall down.  When I let the horses in from the pasture this morning, their single socks were fairly crumpled around their pasterns.  So I pulled them up.
The socks at noon

BUT, when I arrived home at noon today to mow a couple hay fields, I was pleased to see that the socks were mostly still up.  That means that, during the hot time of day when the flies are at their worst and the horses are stomping like crazy, the socks will definitely help keep the leg biters at bay. But they don't hold up so well to the frolicking in the pasture over night.

OK, I can live with that.  The socks are doing their job when most needed.

So I put a second sock on everyone tonight and sent them out to the pasture.

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