Friday, July 26, 2013


Hudson on vacation.
After Hudson and Starlight went to the obstacle clinic, they went on vacation.  Well, it was more of a “sta-cation,” since all they did was hang around with DeCato and the sheep, in the run-in.  

I, on the other hand, along with my hubby, mowed, teddered, raked and baled like maniacs, trying to hit those brief windows the weather offered us to make hay.

Oh, and we also took a real vacation to Southern California. Woot!

The reason I say all this is because it shocks me how quickly time flies away from a person, and suddenly I seem to have two fat, lazy, out-of-shape mares again. Well, three actually, but DeCato is excused.

This is really how I dress to bale hay.
So, we start again.   

I took Hudson out on an attempted conditioning ride the other night and we were chased home by biting green-head flies.  Not only were they biting her, they were swarming around my legs and biting me.

Even an idiot such as I knows a dangerous situation when she rides it, so we high-tailed it home.

On vacation, I wore a dress.  There was no hay there.
This morning was cool, and I am working my day job later than usual, until late, so I took a couple hours and officially restarted Hudson’s conditioning training.  We still are more than two months out from her big event, the Genesee Valley Hunt Races, so there is plenty of time.  I just have to make sure I’m watching that calendar and not letting big blocks of time creep away from me, as they did this past month.

As for Starlight, this half of the summer will focus on starting over fences, so stay tuned.
I also climbed a mountain.  There was no hay there.

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